Pottery and Ceramics

Allan Ditton

Allan Ditton Pottery

About: All of our work is wheel thrown, high fired, stoneware. The patterns are made using a white slip applied to the piece while wet. The patterns are made to look like waves. Our color scheme is done to resemble the ocean edge, with the water breaking on the sandy beach. The terra cotta on the top

Amanda Eedle

Lavender Lemon Pottery by Amanda Eedle

About: I am an artist and educator who creates functional wheel-thrown objects and also hand-built pieces. My artwork is inspired by nature and shows references to my time living in California. My stoneware pottery aesthetic is often described as rustic and my porcelain work following coastal color tones.

Barb Mcavoy

BS Pottery – Barbara Shaughnessy- McAvoy

About: I make functional stoneware pottery. Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel. All my pieces are glazed by hand in bright food safe high fire glazes.

Barbara Nelson

Studio Bee Pottery handcrafted in Vermont

About: The construction of my work is both wheel thrown and hand built. I work in mid-fire stoneware making each piece by hand and one of kind. Additionally I make ceramic tiles and frame each one, primarily in hand crafted frames.

Darcie Rosinski

Darcie Rosinski – potsbydjr

About: Functional pottery that is wheel thrown porcelain clay and then hand painted and carved using a technique called sgraffito.

Deborah Benedetto

Deborah A Benedetto

About: I believe in creating art that is functional and can be used daily in the home. I fire in four traditions: cone 5 oxidation, raku, wood fired, and crystalline glazing.

Diane Sullivan

Diane Sullivan Designs

About: Fine handcrafted pottery for home and garden, both wheel thrown and hand built. Hand painted repeat pattern designs, digitally printed, hand sewn home decor products – napkins, tea towels, table runners, etc.

Earl Jacobson

Earl Jacobson, Potter

About: Functional stoneware pottery. Fired at cone 6.

Emily Rutkowski


About: Handthrown pottery with carved surfaces. Floral and nature designs. All functional wares. Using oxide stains and celadon glazes to finish the surface

Jill Carpenter

Carp Creative Collection

About: My work is wheel thrown or hand built exclusively by me. All of my pieces are either carved, left bare, or treated with a wax resist to build a design with the glaze they are covered in. My work is functional in nature and fired to cone 5.5. All of my pieces are food and dishwasher safe!

Kandace Lockwood

Lockwood Ceramics

About: I make wheel-thrown pottery with dark-brown stoneware. The decoration is achieved by applying a resist before I glaze. This creates botanical patterns with unglazed clay.

Mark Kuzio

The Patio Flame – Mark Kuzio

About: My handmade Patio Flames, a very unique and new concept, are a combination wheel work and mold work. Each is individually textured and glazed, giving each a unique look. Fired to 1900 degrees, these pots are durable. Each Patio Flame comes with a can of ‘Gel Fuel’ and a metal stand.

Mark Poole

Orchard View Pottery

About: These one-of-a-kind raku pieces are made on the potter’s wheel, then fired in an outdoor kiln.

Nancy Braches

Hilltop Potter

About: High quality finely finished decorative and functional stoneware pottery

Roxanne Parent

Roxie’s Studio

About: I work in both slip casting ceramic using my own molds and in slabs of clay. I make several designs of hand painted serving ware using underglazes to paint the pattern on green ware then they are bisque fired, a clear glaze is applied and fired to a beautiful gloss finish.

Rusty Miller

Rusty Miller Stoneware

About: stoneware clay, thrown on a potter’s wheel, or handbuilt over self-made molds, fired to 2350*F in a gas kiln I built myself.

Scott Walker

SH Pottery

About: My work is wheel thrown pottery with an emphasis on discovery. Discovery of how the clay is going to combine or react. Whether through pit fire or marbling, the natural reaction of the clay is the art.

Stephanie Maher

SMM Ceramics- Stephanie Maher

About: Utilitarian pottery is a primary focus whereas sculpture & hand-building allow me to breakaway for further inspiration and exploration of conceptual ideas. Ornamentation is derived through nature, fabric, personal decor, and the use of various tools to alter the final turnout.

Su Shannon

Su Chi Pottery

About: Dinner and serving ware is made from a porcelain/stoneware blend of clay on the potters wheel. It’s hand painted and fired in an electric kiln to 2232F. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Zoey Murphy Houser


About: Using various techniques such as Sgraffito, Mishima, Painting, Glazing, & Texturing, I render images & designs on my pottery. My Patchwork Animal sculptures are of endangered animals created to look as if they are made of, or swaddled in, fabric. However, they are are made entirely of clay.