Pottery and Ceramics

Kaaren Anderson

Solveig Studio

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 047


I am an illustrator who uses sharpie on paper. My work is bold, colorful and sassy, mostly of crazy animal creations. I take those images onto plates and platters, which are hand put into an oven. They are dishwasher, microwave safe. All printing is done in Upstate NY.

Deborah Benedetto

Deborah Benedetoo

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 151


wheel thrown functional pottery: cone 6 oxidation fired. some Raku and wood fired pieces

Nancy Braches

Hilltop Pottery

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 019


We are a small studio in upstate New York pand make high quality finely finished stoneware functional art pottery.

Mark Corwine

Mark Herol Corwine

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 024


All my work is one of a kind although classical proportions and forms coupled with visceral expressionist elements such as the glazing or surface textures are evident throughout much of my work. Most all the work is assembled from thrown and hand-built red earthenware, occasionally press-molded elem

Allan Ditton

Allan Ditton

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 053


All of our work is wheel thrown, high fired, stoneware. The patterns are made using a white slip applied to the piece while wet. The patterns are made to look like waves. Our color scheme is done to resemble the ocean edge, with the water breaking on the sandy beach. The terra cotta on the top

Hodaka Hasebe

High fired stoneware functional pottery

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 066


wheel thrown and/or slab built white stoneware reduction fired to cone 10

Victor And Megan Huston-Field

Victor & Megan Huston-Field

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 049


My own original hand drawn artwork combined with my own unique poetry, hand carved on clay. Artwork is hand drawn, sketched on clay, then carved, I hand press in my original poetry. New are my full poems on clay finished with found wood or my handmade craftsman style mortise/tenon solid oak frames

Earl Jacobson

Earl Jacobson, Potter

Location: Street#: 011, Booth#: 036


High fired functional pottery

Hailey Kenton

Crackpot Crockery

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 113


Crackpot Crockery is a small business dedicated to offering pottery designed and handcrafted by Hailey Kenton. Hailey hopes to share her love ceramics through her functional art! Each piece is thrown on a pottery wheel then carved, sculpted, and hand painted by the artist.

Mark Kuzio

The Patio Flame / Mark Kuzio

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 084


My Patio Flame is a new and unique concept, made of heat resistant clay, they are made on the wheel. Each is glazed as a one of a kind object. I utilize over 70 different glazes creating a look for everyone. A metal custom stand is included along with a can of ‘green’ alcohol gel fuel.

Kandace Lockwood

Lockwood Ceramics

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 210


I’ve chosen to throw my pottery with dark-brown stoneware because it’s equally rich with or without glaze, allowing me to create pattern in unglazed areas using glaze resist techniques.

Mark Lukacs

Lukacs Pottery

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 013


Most pieces are wheel thrown stoneware forms that are enhanced by altering the shape, combining pieces, cutting out patterns or adding slab, coils or hand built parts. I make my own high gloss glazes and use multiple glaze techniques mostly brushing, laying and dipping.

Emmanuel Maldeado

Earth and Sea Enmanuel Maldenado

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 031


My clay pottery is made as it was by my ancestors in pre-Colombian times and is thrown on a kick wheel. Colors are mixed from mineral oxides from the earth. Pots are designed with a sharpened bicycle spoke and baked in beehive kiln fired by wood. Pots are burnished six times with a round stone.

Barbara Mcavoy

Barbara McAvoy

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 013


I make hand made stoneware pottery on the potters wheel.Glaze each piece by hand. Each piece microwave, dishwasher, oven safe

Justin Mckenney

Vegetabowls, LLC

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 072


Pottery molded from real fruits and vegetabes…Vegetabowls!

Rusty Miller

Rusty Miller Stoneware

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 019


handthrown functional stoneware pottery,mostly kitchen-oriented; plus electric lampbases

Jane Myruski

Sunny Day Pottery

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 038


High fired hand thrown and hand painted Stoneware Pottery.

Michael Natale


Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 008


cone 10 high fired reduction stoneware

Barbara Nelson

Barbara Nelson, Studio Bee Pottery – Vermont

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 022


Nature has proven to be my primary inspiration I enjoy throwing pieces on the wheel and then altering them giving them an organic quality. I have recently started making tiles and framing them. The seasons will prove to be inspiration for this next series of my work.

Mandy Ranck

Mandy Ranck Ceramics

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 012


My work includes sculpture and pottery made with porcelain and terracotta clay. I incorporate sculptures of animals and children and depict the same imagery on my pottery.

Darcie Rosinski


Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 018


Wheel thrown porcelain clay. Hand painted and carved.

Su Shannon

Su Chi Pottery, Susan C. Shannon

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 058


Color popping, whimsical designs flow over timeless forms creating functional Su Chi pottery. Most items are made on the potters wheel, some are crafted from slabs of clay. All are hand painted and fired to 2232 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln. Over 29 years of experience are seen here.

Nevan Wise

Printemps Pottery
, Nevan and Douglas Wise

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 129


Wheel thrown and hand built cone six stoneware. Functional, creative designs created by hand that incorporate some carving and/or altering with playful layering of colors in glaze. All glazes are mixed from raw materials and fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln that is powered with solar panels