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  • Terms and Conditions for Not-For-Profit Exhibitors and Sponsors

    • 1) Objective: Displays are strictly for advertising / informational purposes and must stay within the decorum of the norm of art booths as accepted by the Festival management Committee.
    • 2) Exhibitor Material: The Corn Hill Arts Festival (CHAF) Management Committee must approve all handouts of flyers, brochures, etc., prior to the festival. The above items may be distributed to parties who approach the booth / table; they may not be handed to passers-by on the street. Materials displayed must not be sexual or objectionable as determined by the Board of Directors, Corn Hill Neighbors association, Inc., and sponsors of the festival. All promotional items (free gifts, etc.) must have prior approval by the CHAF Management Committee. Balloons, Stickers and T-shirts are prohibited. No items, including raffle tickets, may be sold at the booth or within the festival site. Exhibitors may advertise a free drawing, but selection of the winner may not take place on festival site.
    • 3) Hawking, approaching passers-by, or peddling in the street is not permitted. While acting on behalf of the Exhibitor, the employee (representative) of the sponsor or non-profit group must remain within the boundaries of the booth, (the 10 x 10 ft. area designated and selected by the CHAF Management Committee).
    • 4) Noise: No yelling or shouting from the booth site. No disturbing loud noises or music. No bullhorns or other amplifying devises are allowed.

    Festival participants, who do not adhere to the above guidelines, will be promptly removed from the festival site.

    • 5) Sponsor / Non-Profit Exhibitors must have their booths set up and vehicles vacated from the streets no later than 8:30 am on both days of the festival. Booths must remain open until specified closing times, unless otherwise instructed by Festival Officials.
    • 6) Sponsor / Non-Profit Exhibitors will not be allowed vehicle access to their spaces upon the closing of the festival until the streets have been designated open, by the CHAF Management Committee and the Rochester Police Department.
    • 7) Display booths left in place after festival hours are the full responsibility of the Exhibitor.
    • 8) Liability insurance shall be purchased and maintained by the Exhibitor to protect the Exhibitor from claims under Worker’s Compensation Act and the Exhibitor’s Employee Benefits Act. Claims for damages due to bodily injury and property damage may arise out or resulting from the Exhibitor’s operations. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association, Inc. recommends that this insurance be written for not less than $500,000.00 limit of liability.
    • 9) Corn Hill Neighbors Association, Inc. is not responsible for damage, Loss of personal property, personal injury, or accidents involving Exhibitors and their personnel. Exhibitors indemnify and agree to hold Corn Hill Neighbors Association harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, lawsuits, costs, penalties, expenses, (including reasonable attorney fees), and judgments due to breach of this agreement by Exhibitors and their personnel.
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The Corn Hill Arts Festival will accept requests for exhibitor space for qualifying Not-For-Profit Organizations. Acceptance into the festival is subject to approval by the Festival Management Team and based on available space.

To request exhibitor space, please complete the required information below and read and agree to the terms and conditions on the following page.

For more information contact [email protected]