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Volunteer Opportunities

There are 2 different type of volunteer opportunities that regularly come up. Please read below to learn more about these opportunities.
  • Year Round Positions: These are positions that require participation in meetings, planning, and decision-making regarding the festival. These could include but are not limited to committee or sub-committee positions and support. Planning committees and sub-committees meet monthly, if not more frequently.
  • Festival Week Opportunities: These are volunteer positions that are available during pre-Festival week and on Festival weekend. These can range from 4-hours to multiple days.
What Opportunities Best Work for You?
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Volunteer Meeting Preferences
Our committees meet in-person and remotely. Tell us what works best for you.
Please share any specific areas of interest or expertise that you would be like to be involved in (ie: Festival or Office Operations, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Music/Performance, Young Artist Opportunities, etc.