Mixed Media and Other

Natalie Alleyne

Natalie D. Alleyne

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 026


I use collage as the basis of my technique, with paper, wood and canvas as my backdrop. The collages are intermixed with acrylic, metal and nails.

Maura Beres

Catch a Falling Jar

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 047


Designs are created on the computer,they are then printed on waterslide decal paper. The decal paper is put in water and the decal separates from the paper. The celophane like decal paper is then carefully put on glass. The glass is then treated with acrylic spray and glitter. I also hand paint some

Isaac Bidwell

Pickled Punks

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 010


I create artwork based on folklore, cryptozoology,Halloween and sideshow culture.

Dan Bingham

Dan Bingham Art

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 077


I use a wide range of mediums to create my nature based art. Pen & ink, watercolor & colored pencil make up the majority. I screen print my own clothing, hand-assembled pillows, wood-prints & coasters. In addition to traditional mediums I use digital color with my zen-inspired hand-drawn animals.

Jennifer Born

PS Enjoy Your Life

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 014


I use acrylic paint on wood, incorporating layers with sharpie and various recycled papers.

Vicki Brouk

Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 126


Funky and unique style garments are selected and printed with Vicki’s hand carved blocks which create one of a kind garments with a collage of colors and shapes resulting in comfortable and stunning wearable art!

Joseph Carr


Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 068


Designs generated digitally and cut out of wood with a CO2 laser. Stained/painted layers are removed in specific ways to expose individual characteristics of the material to generate unique pieces.

Gerry Conti

Klear Designs

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 038A


I use 100% natural elements and each piece is handcrafted using acrylic resin and apply multiple layers to embed a natural elements to get a 3-D floating look to enhance anyone’s living space with deco art.

David Coon

David Coon/Country Coon Graphics

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 001


Original artwork by David Coon, hand screened on garments.

Mary Cotton

Mary C. Cotton

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 030


I create small watercolor paintings, adhere them onto thin wood and finish them in resin creating small tiles.I create a small tryptic mounting them onto glass and edging them with copper.

Jean Cummings

The Bottle Lady

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 002A


I create hanging vases from bottles and jars by hand wiring them in whimsical designs. In some pieces I wire more than one bottle or jar together to create a double or triple vase. Each piece is finished with glass beads.

Lorraine Cummings

Lorraine’s Concrete Leaves

Location: Street#: 04, Booth#: 015


Handmade concrete birdbaths made by casting a real leaf over sand as a mold and handmade concrete toadstools embellished with shells and glass stones

Sherry Davis

Sherry D Davis

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 026


watercolor ,fabric, acrylic

Ruth Diamond

Ruth Coates Diamond

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 211


I make fairy lights using recycled bottles, lamp shades, drift wood, artificial flowers and fairy lights. I make my own lamp shades by covering used shades with beautiful fabrics. For the wind chimes I recycle just about anything I can get my hands on. I use silver plate flatware for the chimes.

Alyn Federico

Alyn Federico

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 023


I use airbrush, pencil, colored pencil, chalk and markers to achieve a photo-realistic effect.

Bonnie Finkbeiner

Sticks and Stones

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 114


We create nature inspired gifts for garden & home – leaf castings, stepping stones, bee houses, gourd art (lamps, flower vases & art), birdhouses (driftwood, birch, bark & barnwood), driftwood lamps & mirrors, rock vases, birch vases & rock oil candles & seasonal items & fun things like Lawn Yahtzee

Nancy Fobert

Fobert Designs

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 001


We use vintage tin ceiling tiles as our canvases, each piece is tin glazed using layers of paints, stains & the sun as a “kiln” until the raw tin emerges into finished pieces. Then these pieces are arranged into modern, industrial statements of art.

Linda Fox

Books Reborn

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 204


I rescue gently used books and repurpose them into works of art using numerous folding techniques. The books are then covered appropriately with decorative paper and embellished.

Chris Galin

Creative Images – Arnold & Chris Galin

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 012


My husband and I create realistic and abstract photographs that are reproduced on tile, metal, glass, wood, porcelain, fabric. We create functional items, trivets, cutting boards, mugs, ornaments, key hangers, key ring, as well as decorative pieces from our original photographs.

Jennifer Greatbatch

Hands & Paws Cookies & Treats, inc.

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 046


All handmade dog cookies, collar & leashes, embroidered Bandannas, cat nip toys, squeaky toys, and embroidered hand towels

Michele Hacic

moonlight garden

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 005


Halloween handmade,dolls,wreath,center pieces,witch decor,zombie,bats,witchs,pumpkin

Leigh Hannan

Skelly Chic-Leigh Hannan

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 151


I build an armature for each skeleton, sculpt over it in air-drying clay, then sand, prime & paint in acrylics. Detail work is done in Micron pen before sealing. Wood coffins are also enhanced with sculpted clay. Inspired by folk art and Day of the Dead, each is OOAK. There’s a skelly inside you!

Alexandros Hatzigiannidis

Gods N Gladiators

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 026


Hand screen printed art with original designs that range from limited quantity of one to print runs that are unlimited. All art is original and designed to glorify life.

Christopher Hempel

Creative Copper Wire

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 106


Garden items hand crafted from copper wire and glass such as bird baths and sun catchers

Rachelle Hendler

French style stain and wrinkle resistant table clothes, indoor and outdoor use.

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 020


We cut our stain and wrinkle resistant fabric to size. We select a matching fabric which we cut into binding strips and place the ends of two strips perpendicular to each other and straight stich.

Marietta Hojczyk

Doggie Stylz – Marietta Hojczyk

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 009


All items are handmade. Collars are made of polypropylene webbing with nickel and stainless steel hardware. Buckles are made of nylon acetal. Various fabrics are used.

Adam Host

Gary E. Host

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 043/045


I only work with domestic made iron. I use both traditional and original art in my work. Processes I use are forging, saw cut, hand bending, hand twisting and grinding. Also use MIG and TIG welding processes. I finish most of my pieces with a flat black powder coating for years of durability.

Alonzo Hubbard

Art By Al Hubbard

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 111


clay, copper, resin, wood, mastic, acrylic

Diana Hydock

Diana Hydock

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 022


The work is bold and dynamic.Artist uses handmade paper, fiber, clay ,paint, metal and found objects to create collages,sculpture,cards and wall pieces.

Debbie Jablonski

Enchanted Hearts Bamboo

Location: Street#: 8, Booth#: 21


I design exotic arrangements with materials from nature

Ras Jacobson


Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 020


RASJACOBSON specializes in impressionistic, multimedia portraits of women, animals & creatures of her own imagining. Her palette is bright and she pairs whimsical images with evocative words.

Robin Jaeckel

Henna Rising

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 044/046


Henna Rising specializes in both Contemporary and traditional henna. All work is done freehand. We make our paste fresh using all natural ingredients. Henna Powder, Essential oils , water and lemon. We price our henna to be enjoyed by all starting at $5.00 and up to $100.

Linda Johansen

Pawsitively Prrfect

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 205


My Mom and I started our business in 2005 making all natural dog treats. It has evolved into us now making numerous other pet products. Our best seller is our bandannas with buckles. We have a huge customer base in Rochester and hope to show in Corn Hill again this year!

Chris Jones

Historic Houseparts

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 055/057


Historic Houseparts repurposes antique items, giving them a new life. Our collection includes home decor made of old windows, jewelry and garden accessories made of antique flatware, and burlap items made of coffee bean sacks. We also produce our own line of soaps and lotions for our bath shop.

John Kavosick

Perfect pleasures

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 041


Copper, brass, silverware parts are hard cut, welded or soldered together to form images. They are airbrushed with car paint. A poly finish is sprayed.

Caitlin Kelce

Firefly Henna

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 163


Henna Body Art – Natural dye is draw on by hand to create an intricate temporary tattoo.

Mary Ann Kurcz

Kurcz Kraft’s

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 132


Paintings using acylic paint, alcohol inks, and different materials to provide texture. Also acrylic flow art using pouring medium and water. Wood items are made from many different wood, maples, black walnut, cherry and specialty wood.

Ann Lamb

The Princess Party

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 071


I make tutus , bows, headbands all out of tulle, ribbons, hot glue.. mermaid tails out of towels with fins. All fun things for girls imagination.

Dave Leathersich

Madaket Bay Engraving

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 001


Madaket Bay custom engraves stones and bricks using a computer cut stencil and hand sand-blasts each stone. They are then painted with monument quality paint.

Tim Leverett

Tim Leverett – www.TimLeverett.com

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 137


Tim Leverett is a Rochester, NY based artist. His abstract paintings are mixed media works made with varying combinations of acrylic paints and inks, resins, India and alcohol inks, gilding paints, glitters, crushed glass, plastics, metal and stones on canvas and wood.

Jeffrey Loucks

Loucks Design Co.

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 014


As my art medium, I choose wood turned on a lathe to portray sculptural forms. Generally, I start on the lathe and further embellish my art using paints, texture, carvings and even fire. My journey takes me wherever it will & is what inspires me to look around the next corner.

Michael Lowery

Happylife Productions

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 155/157


Hand-dyed silk screened printed T-shirts and clothing on 100% cotton. All original artwork. Adult and kids sizes available.

Cindy Malchoff

Cindy L Malchoff/My Apple Tree

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 135


Original designed soft sculpture birds, teddy bears & other animals sewn & stuffed using recycled fur, mohair & plush. Birds are hand painted after 3 dimensional shape has been achieved and frequently mounted on driftwood.

Raymond Mancini Ii

Artistic Collage by Raymond Mancini II

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 043


Using my painting,Watercolor,drawing,photographs, Abstract,Oil, Acrylic Each evolves-memory-time and place, history, Which depict iconic locales throughout the world. Each collage typically evolves from a thought, a vision, memory of a time and place, history, spirituality.

Don Mccullough

Don McCullough, The Gift Promise

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 002


Hand built sculpture in fine lead free pewter one drop at a time using soldering irons to build the sculpture complete by mounting on marble base and clear coating to complete the sculpture.

Donna Mcguire

The Red Cardinal Barn-Donna McGuire

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 059


The Red Cardinal Barn creates beautiful farmhouse-style signs and painted boxes to decorate every corner of your home. Every item is handmade by me, the owner. Wood is cut, sanded, painted and frames are made for the bigger signs. The mini signs are great on a table or desk.

Pam Mead

The Beachcomber, Pam Mead

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 021


I use beach glass,stones driftwood and shells, that I have collected, to produce a variety of coastal decor. I combine these beach finds with my own watercolor backgrounds to create framed beach glass pictures,driftwood sculptures, ornaments, treasure boxes and more.

Pam Montes

Ginger Blue Decor

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 109/111


I am an artist, I have prints and frames from my original work, as well as signs and garden art made from metal. I make everything myself with the help of wife and family. we do all of our own printing and frame making.

Chris Oaks

Twin Oaks Hammocks

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 008/010


Hammocks and Hanging Chairs made from home-milled Virginia white oak wood and home-spun olefin fiber rope. Wood is sawn, dried, planed, moulded, cut, shaped, drilled, bevelled, sanded and finished. Yarn is spun into rope on our giant rope twister, then woven in ancient “Sprang” technique.

Kristiana Parn

Kristiana Parn

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 057


Whimsical mixed media paintings on reclaimed wood panels, including art prints and stationery by Brookyn-based artist, Kristiana Parn.

John Paul

Fuzzy Ink

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 099


Our t-shirts are all individually hand printed using our manual screen printer. Each design is original and begins as a sketch and is then scanned into a computer where it is manipulated into a print ready file. Each layer is then burned onto a screen where it become a separate color for the design.

Sebastian Perel

The Coaster Mill

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 055


My primary product consists of coasters bearing vintage black and white photographs of the local area. I restore these photographs until they are of a very high quality, then sublimate the image onto a specially coated masonite square to create a high-gloss coaster.

Craig Peterson

Craig Peterson

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 051


I hand stain Arches Watercolor paper with coffee to create a unique background for my work. I make a cup of coffee and paint it on with a brush adding layers as it dries. Then I paint my subject with Koi Watercolors and add details with Micron Pens. My work is framed or mounted on wood panels.

Cindy Pinyard

C.I.N. Scarves & Slides Cindy & Mike Pinyard

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 013/015


We designed 2 scarf holders to use instead of knots. Pottery Slide for thin scarfs. Pottery & Repurposed Wrap for large scarfs. Our Wrap stretches around scarf & fastens behind. We make all scarves.

Dale Price

Buttons – Past to Present

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 023


We bring the past forward to the present by creating ‘wearable history’ adornments from Antique Buttons. Our purpose is to share the history, beauty of buttons and to show to Everyone how they reflect our sociological and technical timelines of history. It’s about sharing and wearing the Button.

Fatima Razic


Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 014


Trademark protected EVOLMI brand carries diffuser jewelry, apparel, and essential oils. I make all jewelry myself and silk screen all clothing. EVOLMI stands for evolve me & in the mirror it read Imlove. I teach my customers to practice mindfulness with jewelry & to affirm their truth in the mirror

Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds- Purgatory FX

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 075


Hello, my name is Josh. This is my first event if I get accepted. Everything is sculpted in wed clay, them I produce a mold which is made from ultracal 30. The mold is then poured in rd-407 latex. I then airbrush a 3/1 ratio of paint, latex and distilled water to the mask for a finished product.

Robin Ring

Robyn’s Garden

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 025/27


Adorable garden art from recycled irons that turn in the wind.

Patrick Sadler

Sadler Garden Collections

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 011


I make handcrafted outdoor garden products out of PVC and wood using routers, a CNC machine, saws and drills and a reamer.Items I create are birdhouses and feeders, planters, garden towers and lawn or house signs

Jill Schiller

JES Designz

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 021


Original pen & ink geometric designs, hand drawn with gel pen, executed as paintings, drawings, pendants, coasters, etc. Also hand embroidered blankets, tote bags, stockings, and more using the Swedish Weaving Embroidery technique.

Patricia Schmitt


Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 034


Tabletop and hanging arrangements containing a variety of preserved flowers and greenery. for ex. salal, eucalyptus, Larkspur, freeze dried roses, ivy, sinuata statice etc. Tabletops are in antique items, baskets, wooden boxes, crocks,vases etc. hanging items are on variety of wreath bases.

Rita Schwab

Rita Schwab Fine Arts

Location: Street#: 9, Booth#: 42


oil washes into textured fresco (I have my own recipe), organic inlay work on board, resin finish; also acrylic painting on canvas, lightly textured with compounds and fresco, poly-acrylic sealed

Kevin Serwacki

Fairy Doors

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 073


Our Fairy Doors are made with traditional wood working techniques, but without wood. We use Komatex, acrylic paint, poured resins, and other materials to create our original designs for inside or outside display.

Meghan Shaw

Ella Rae Bowtique

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 085


Handmade hair assesories, tutus ,and dresses made from tulle , fabrics , bling and ribbon

James Staples

Jim’s Bonsai

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 024/026


bonsai trees and lucky bamboo with accessories

Barbara Stradtman

Artsy Elements Barb Stradtman

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 040


I use several types of stoneware clays.My pieces are more naturaland I also use oxide stains to show texture. My technique is wheel thrown and slabwork.

Eric Sturtevant

Eric Sturtevant Illustrations

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 143


Watercolor/ink/colored pencil original children’s illustrations hand painted on Arches Aquarelle cold press paper.

Caroline Tauxe

Caroline Tauxe EAR CANDY

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 096


By collaging fabric onto both sides of archival-quality watercolor paper using layers of transparent acrylic polymer medium, I create a durable, flexible, and lightweight material. Shapes are hand cut, edges colored, pieces assembled and additional decorative materials added.

Erh Ping Tsai

Erh-Ping Tsai

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 008


I create whimsical high fired porcelain creatures using millifiori technique. Each piece is painted in 24k gold and the 3-D wire and bead constructions are added after. I want every design to have its own personality while representing its natural magnificence.

Erin Unz

The Hair Jeweler Inc.

Location: Street#: 04, Booth#: 016


I make functional, comfortable and beautiful hair accessories for women. The body of my work includes hand bent stainless steel wire combs featuring hand strung beaded elastic. I make them in 4 sizes for fine-thick hair. I also hand cut, sew and singe fabric flower headwraps, hairbands and clips.

William Valavanis

William N. Valavanis

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 118


Bonsai, artistically dwarfed trees. Plants are pruned, wired, shaped and planted into ceramic pots to provide an idealization of nature in miniature.

Heather Whitney


Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 068


I create stained glass paintings with reconditioned picture frames and glass, designing the pieces by hand with 3-D acrylic enamel paints for leading and stained glass paint inside. Everything is out of my head originals. I also include canvas works, the prints for these and painted glass stones.

Kim Wisotzke

Kim Wisotzke Wojda

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 034


Whimsically Painted wood items. Using latex, acrylics and polyacrylics.

Mark Witul

Mark Witul

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 015/017


Rusty metal crafts

Eric Woods

Rochester History Buff

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 033


Prints, curated from our private collection, of Rochester area advertising and architecture. Vintage images are scanned in high resolution, digitally restored, printed to the toughest of giclae standards, and hand-matted to standard frame sizes. Prints are available unframed or framed.

Eugen Zah

Zah Crystal Files

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 098


Hand painted and decorated motifs on crystal files. Paint of choice is Pebeo Vitrea 160 Acrylic for glass. Artwork is cured and heat treated. Custom work accepted.