Maureen Abdullah


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 032


Handmade jewelry from stones, wood, shell, glass, pearls, crystals, and various metals. Hand wrapped pendants, earrings, and cuff bracelets

Charles Agel

Charles Agel

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 062


Enamel on copper

Donna Angelo

dna jewelry designs- Donna Angelo

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 033


I incorporate various metalsmithing techniques, fabrication, soldering, patinas, and forging in combination with cold connections using semi-precious stones, precious metals, and fresh-water pearls.

Nance Arquiett

2 Mama Birds

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 003


we handcraft our own line of jewelry using sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Our process does consist mainly of wire wrapping, but we do use some precious metal clay. our work is all hypoallergenic, we steer away from using any copper. We may use some glass, dependent upon the season.

Julie Bigger

Glimmer Glass Gifts

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 037


Laser etched dichroic glass jewelry

Heather Bivens

Weathered Heather

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 005


I create kiln formed art glass jewelry. Detailed imagery is made by hand painting the image with glass enamels. After each design is assembled, they are properly fired in my kiln. All of my work, whether abstract or representational, is inspired by the natural world.

Jorien Brock

Woman Folk – Jorien Brock

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 021


Woman Folk puts a modern twist on the ancient practice of turning molten glass into fine jewelry through enameling and lamp working. Kiln fired pieces are supplemented with semi-precious stones, leather, copper, and sterling silver, creating unique jewelry that captures the imagination.

Karen Brown

Brown, Karen Fine Gold Jewelry

Location: Street#: 011, Booth#: 046


14k gold jewelry set with unusual gemstones cast and fabricated settings

Jihan Brummell

Adorn Beadworks

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 107


Materials used include various metals, including copper, nickel silver and brass, semiprecious stones and a variety of glass and metal beads from around the world. Techniques employed include soldering, jewelry saw and chemical etching of hand drawn designs.

Jennifer Buscemi

Jen’s Magnetic Connection

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 010/011


My beaded and corded jewelry features focal points of natural gemstone beads, cabochons, metallic clays, rare woods & mixed metals. Focal pieces are hand cut, drilled, textured, layered, kiln fired, polished and/or sealed. Bracelets, necklaces & anklets are finished with rare earth magnetic closures

Ashley Byrne

Elements of Ash – Ashley Byrne

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 015


I use precious metals to create pieces using sawing, hammering, and soldering. Some use casting and stone setting.

Elena Carey

Folkloric Jewelry – Elena

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 121


Minimalist yet ethereal handmade designs which are sophisticated, playful, and timeless. Items in the collection are inspired by myth and folklore. The pieces combine wire wrapping, hand knotting, semi-precious stones, gold fill and sterling silver, paper, and signature elements.

Tom Chavanne

Chavanne’s Jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 144


I bend, twist & hammer elegant designs from argentium sterling silver around semi-precious gemstones. I do all my own work including soldering, polishing, heat treating, steaming & stone cutting.Each piece is unique and hand sculptured by me.

Mark Chick

Artisan glass

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 088


Blown glass jewelry I do all the glass for 50 years sterling silver and 14 karat gold at show for over 30 years

Zbigniew Chojnacki

Zbigniew Chojnacki, ZC Studios

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 116


I use sterling silver and 24 gold, patinated and satin finishes, hand-carved stones and semi precious stones with figurative, botanical, and animal themes.

Linda Connor Cass

Loudee’s Jewelry

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 008


I hand make my jewelry with variety of techniques: Bead stitching, metal work and precious metal clay work. I hand make my silicon molds for my PMC. I carefully choose my stones in Tuscon, Arizona. I am inspired by these stones and each piece is unique! I strive to create wearable works of art!

Laurie Copeland

Ferne Ruth Co–Laurie Barker Copeland

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 115


I create unique necklaces, hairsticks & earrings from agates, druzys, quartz, & vintage pieces. I design and hand-create each piece (wire wrapped or strung). It’s created with my customers in mind & displayed by style: Cowgirl, Beach, Boho, Deco & Survivor–50% of Survivor goes to cancer research.

Kathy Cretelle

Twenty Fifth Hour Creations

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 060


I create collage necklaces using vintage buttons, broken jewelry, vintage rhinestones, loose pearls, vintage findings. These pieces are created by adhering to brass bases with industrial adhesive. , findings added to finish piece. Pmc pieces rolled, textured, fired, polished, drilled findings added

Laura Crosetti

Laura Crosetti

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 012


I use real gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and Czech glass to make my jewelry. Some pieces are made with seed beads and are very intricate, a few are strung beads. I have been beading for 30 years!

Penelope Despos

Sha-Sha Beads

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 048


stainless steel and 14k gold filled gemstone jewelry. wire is sculpted around and through beads using hand tools and imagination to create one of a kind pendants, earrings, bracelets and anklets. With over 27 years of experience I strive to create new and exciting, high quality affordable jewelry.

Daina Dickens

Daina Dickens

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 065


I create intricately woven jewelry composed of handmade glass & semi-precious elements. The ethereal structure of my necklaces is created using an original stringing technique which I’ve developed.

Leo Dubien

Shooting Star Beads-Leo DuBien

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 069


Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry designed with my own lampworked glass beads and semi precious gemstones.

Jo-Anne Frazier

Jewelry by Jo! LLC

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 015


Jewelry by Jo! features a unique collection of sterling silver, bronze, copper and brass pendants and earrings. I create one-of-a-kind jewelry from metal, resin, alcohol ink, wire, natural stones, charms and found objects. I find most of my inspiration in nature or geometric shapes, but I enjoy cr

Lou Frederick

Danladi Designs NYC, Lou Frederick & Laura MacNaughton

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 001


Ethnically inspired natural stone jewelry in vibrant combinations of color,shape,& texture, inspired by my love of color & the play of disparate elements.Our stone jewelry is complemented by a collection of sterling silver & gold filled earrings in whimsical designs created to move with the wearer.

Lorraine Frelier

Carriage House Creations
, Lorraine Frelier

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 141


I create handcrafted jewelry using copper enamel pieces using raw copper, powdered enamels, and firing at high temperatures in a kiln. I incorporated these pieces with jewelry findings, some that I make to create unique jewelry.

Diana Gallego

Diana Gallego Jewelry

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 032


Every single piece is fully handmade and created with silver 950 and often combined with semiprecious stones. My goal it to make each piece unique and to try to tell a story with them.

Janet Gillis

Metal Earth Jewelry artist Janet Gillis

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 055


Metal work copper,sterling silver,brass; wrap,solder,hammer techniques;crystals,natural stone, shells other metals and beads

Jessica Goodenbury

Puccoon Raccoon

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 089


I am a sculptor turn jeweler with a passion for tiny animals and detail. Using the lost wax casting method, I hand sculpt tiny adorable animals and turn them into jewelry. I also do a fair amount of piercing work, carefully cutting my drawings out of sheet silver.

Nicole Gurski

The Pearl & Stone

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 038


Beautiful Freshwater Pearl and Natural Gemstone jewelry hand knotted on silk often made with a strong magnetic clasp.

Erin Gursslin

Sunshyne Silverwear By Erin Gursslin

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 070


I create non-traditional jewelry from recycled materials using a variety of self taught methods.

Tricia Hall

Tricia Hall

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 022


I create jewelry with precious metals using torch soldering techniques. Most of my metal work is made incorporating sea glass. I have a love of precious gemstones and fresh water pearls as well, and will add them into my pieces, accenting the metal work and sea glass.

Lee Ann Harris

Crescent Moon Studio- Lee Ann Harris

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 032


I am a jewelry maker. I design and create jewelry using hand selected gemstones, fossils, and even meteorites. I like my jewelry to be unique, fun and affordable.

Stephanie Hiemel

Estefi Jewelry

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 103


The Estefi brand is built on creating wearable art with hand selected gemstones. Each design is carefully crafted from recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Born in Vigo, Spain, Estefi Jewelry is now handcrafted in Troy, NY.

Kyri Hinkleman

Kyri Jewelry

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 025


Contemporary art jewelry made using found objects, precious metals and semi precious gemstones.

Jayne Hughes

Joyfulenergy Jewelry by Jayne Hughes

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 043


Joyfulenergy is fun modern and handmade. Designs incorporate natural gemstones and colorful beadwork set in sterling. My vision is for my customers to enjoy wearing the handmade jewelry as much as I enjoy creating them.

Alfred Huntley

Huntley Handcrafted Jewelry

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 018


sterling and fine silver created using traditional silversmith techniques including fret sawing, forging, silver soldering, bezel work, cloisonne, and chainmaille.

Terri Huntley

Sparkleez Crystals

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 064


My love of beads drives me to create. I use Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver and other high quality beads in all my designs. Kumihimo braiding is my newest obsession. Searching for the perfect beads for my designs is half the fun. Finding the time to create all my visions is my only challenge.

Cecil Kisiel

Romanoff Jewelry

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 076


We design and make gold and silver jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces using Swarovski Austrian crystals exclusively. We also have a patented interchangeable crystal design in our rings and pendants.

Kyle Kochiss

Heart to Heart Design
, Kyle Kochiss

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 024


Jewelry and accessories made from heart shaped stones found on the beaches of New England and wire wrapped in gold filled and sterling wire.

Marisa Krol

Interstellar Love Craft

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 026


Utilizing the simple beauty of linear elements, graceful geometric forms and a spiritual symbolism, Interstellar Love Craft is born. Often described as visually delicate and elegantly classic, each finished creation begins as raw material in the form of sheet metal or wire with occasional glimpses o

Joette Kruppenbacher

Jewelry by Joette

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 004


My jewelry is created using up cycled vintage jewelry. Comprised mostly of high end vintage brooches, redesigned into statement necklaces. Each vintage piece is completely taken apart and redesigned into a new modern design. My statement necklaces are designed around a beautiful vintage brooch.

Melissa Lebeau


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 042


I design and create mixed metal jewelry. I use recycled metal (aluminum and copper) as well as metal clays. Sheet metal is handcut, handstamped and sometimes painted using metal paint. Metal clays are hand formed, kiln fired then tumbled for shine.

April Leithner

Elizabeth Lassing Jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 112


My jewelry designs and creations utilize primarily beadweaving techniques inspired by Swarovski crystals, natural gem stones, Miyuki seed beads, and more to make every piece visually captivating, comfortable for the wearer, and durable for a long life of enjoyment.

Robert Marksz

Bob Marksz

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 155


Sterling silver and select gems. Hand forged,sculpted,fabricated and constructed.Hand finished.

Leanne Marquis

LeAnne Marquis Firepainted Copper Jewelry

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 006


Using flame I create glorious patterns and luminous hues on copper. I then hand cut my “fire paintings” with a jeweler’s saw or shears. I incorporate semi precious gemstones with hot and cold metal smithing techniques such as soldering, bezel setting, riveting, and torch fusing. All one of a kind.

Sandra Martin-Smith

IMAGINATIVE CREATIONS – AJ Smith & Sandra Martin-Smith

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 105


Handcrafted fused glass jewelry and gifts. Each piece designed,& built individually. Several techniques used for fabrication, cold working, and fire polishing. Multiple fusings and several layers of glass create richly colored pieces with extreme depth, texture, and originality.

Pamela Mccormick

Beach Treasures

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 027


Unique beach glass jewelry whose inspiration is drawn from the myriad beach glass shapes found in nature.

Tanja Mcpherson


Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 015


Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry featuring Larimar, the Caribbean gemstone, and Chaney, historic china shards found on plantation estates of St. Croix, USVI

Dawn Meredith

Dawn Meredith

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 057


My designs feature wire wrapped cabochons which I personally hand cut and polish from raw slabs of naturalgemstones. I also fashion earrings, necklaces and bracelets from my own handmade wire components and accentuate with metal charms, gemstones and swarovski crystal elements

Ashley Messana

Ashley Messana Jewelry

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 006


I am an artisan jeweler that specializes in wirework, metalwork, and beadwork. I work in Sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and 14k rose gold fill. I use all natural gemstones that I hand select once a year in Tucson, Arizona. I stand by the quality of my work with a lifetime guarantee.

Laurel O’Brien

Laurel O’Brien

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 023A


One of a kind Jewelry made with traditional metal-smithing techniques including hand sawing, hammering, riveting & soldering. Materials include sterling silver, copper, gold, brass & natural stones.

Susan Packard

susan packard

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 044A


handmade sterling jewelry,many with stones

Heather Patterson

Shinybits Jewelry – Heather Patterson

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 106


Sterling silver jewelry with accents of 14k gold and copper. Most of my work is hammer formed and many pieces include semi-precious gemstones. My clean, elegant designs are inspired by natural forms and geometric shapes.

Brittany Rea

Rea Designs

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 200


Rea Designs creates modern interpretations of timeless jewelry pieces focusing on the natural qualities of metal and clay paired with an elegance through minimal design.

Rosalyn Rego-Sharpe

Designs By Rego

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 145


Sterling Silver & bronze are the metals of choice. Lost wax casting, handfabrication, torch oxygen & acetylene For soldering the pieces together Sometimes piece are also pressed to help create designs Since 1980 I have been designing and making my designs. In my own studio & by myself.

Cindy Ritchie

Simply Cindy @ Moose River Glass

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 012


Using an oxygen and propane fired torch and glass from around the world I shape and sculpt tiny figures and beads. I incorporate these tiny works of art into handcrafted jewelry. I pride myself in creating the majority of each piece by hand ensuring each piece is one of a kind.

Barbara Sargent

Classy Glass

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 036


I create Handmade Glass Jewelry using 30 different techniques in my creations. As a result each piece is a “One of A Kind” purchase. I make Bracelets, Pendants, Rings and Earrings.

Victor Silva

The Gilded Forest

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 067


Hand Fabricated Fine Jewelry with Precious Metals, Gems, Minerals and Fossils.Creating Single Production Designs.

Cheryl Snead

Happi Feet

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 052


I make a very unique brand of barefoot sandals and a freedom bracelet with the ring attached using high quality stretchy chord and czec beads along with Onyx, Pearls, Agagite, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Turqoise, Carnelian, Obsidian, Quartz, Swarovski Crystals as well as my own hand made paper beads

Lori Sofianek

Glori Bead, LLC – Lori Sofianek

Location: Street#: 04, Booth#: 017


I create expressive wearable designs using multiple mediums such as metal, resin, paper, coins, alcohol ink, buttons and beads. My interests are varied and I continue to take art classes to introduce variety into my product. I do custom work with maps and resin. My hand cut coins make beautiful o

Heidi Spadter

Karhu Moon-Heidi Spadter

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 049


My work is primarily hand cut and formed sterling silver and semi-precious stones. I also combine copper, brass, nickel, and bronze in my pieces. My chainmaille work is largely stainless steel and anondized aluminum.

Sarah Stanbury

Sarah Stanbury Jewelry Designs

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 113


I design and make one-of-a-kind jewelry including: antique typewriter key jewelry, beaded leather-wrap bracelets, semi-precious gemstone necklaces and bracelets, silk-knotted gem pendant necklaces, and mixed-metal earrings.

Dana Stenson

Dana Stenson Jewelry and Metalwork

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 124


Modern metalsmith jewelry in silver, gold, copper, gemstones and found objects. Techniques include soldering, piercing, forming, etching, stone-setting, lost-wax casting, roll-printing, hinge-making and hollow forms.

Judy Swayze

Judy Swayze
, Judy Swayze Designs

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 203


Polymer clay, wood, stoneware, gemstones & focals. Czech glass & metal beads. Polymer clay is hand sculpted. Wood is wood burned. Both finished with alcohol inks.Waxed linen cord, leather, chain, wire, fabric & yarn add texture. Knotting, wire wrapping, hammering, riveting techniques used.

Kevin Terry

k. douglas jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 127


Organic, free-form & chunky is how I describe my overall design esthetic. I work primarily with stainless steel along with semi-precious stones, pearls & glass. My wire work includes wrapping, hammering & crocheting; I use other techniques including fiber knotting, bead weaving & kumihimo braiding

Patricia Terziani

Patricia Terziani for BellaZia Designs

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 057


one-of-a=kind jewelry made of precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, and glass

Maressa Tosto Merwarth

Mari Tome Jewelry Design

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 037


Wearable art jewelry made from both precious and upcycled materials using traditional metal smithing techniques.

David Villone

Paradise Pendants

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 175


I create sterling silver wire sculptured jewelry designs utilizing a combination of materials including gemstones, lamp work glass, natural shell,sea glass,handmade polymer clay beads, crystals, sterling and pewter elements.My work can be described as a creative form of wire wrapping.

M. Kristine Waldron

M. Kristine Waldron

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 134


I create handmade jewelry using Metal Clay, in both precious & base metals, often incorporating semiprecious stones, pearls, & cubic zirconia. I also create using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I find the organic qualities of metal, stones, and pearls to be soothing, yet complex.

Anna Weldon

Rancho Eyes Jewelry

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 007


Rancho Eyes combines hand-fabricated metal elements, wire-wrapped natural crystals, tumbled semiprecious stones, and carefully chosen findings to create textured, kinetic jewelry. I use sawing, filing, and hammering techniques to create unique metal pieces to pair with beading and wirework.

Gini Weslowski

Suki Handmade Jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 136


I’ve been told I must have a lot of patience, or a lot of free time, or that I must be crazy to make what I make. Not true, definitely not true, and probably a little true. I am not a patient person- if my work took “patience” I wouldn’t do it. And as for free time- what is that? As for the crazy t

Marie Winter

Back To Classic Designs

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 207A


I design and create an extensive line of Victorian and Steampunk Inspired, Historical Reproduction Jewelry. I use a wide variety of components, but my favorite ones to work with are molded resin cameos, brass stampings which are plated in rich patinas of oxidized sterling silver, antiqued brass and

Rona Wyner

Accessoriz a division of Wyner Images

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 025


I make all the ceramic beads and pendants used in my jewelry utilizing various techniques. They are all one-of-a-kind. My photos are taken in Africa & digitally painted for kids to encourage them to appreciate and love art.

Kimberly Zielinski

Mill Hill Arts
, Kimberly Zielinski

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 016


Bead embroidery surrounding semi-precious cabochons. Materials include glass beads, crystals, semi-precious stones, dichroic glass and natural pearls