Maureen Abdullah


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 032


Handmade jewelry from stones, wood, shell, glass, pearls, crystals, and various metals. Each piece is made using techniques of wire wrapping, beading, and weaving. Many of the designs are offered in a variety of hand painted colors.

Charles Agel

Charles Agel, Jewelry Artist

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 062


Enamel on copper jewelry and sterling silver electro etched jewelry

Donna Angelo

dna jewelry designs- Donna Angelo

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 033


I incorporate various metalsmithing techniques, including fabrication, soldering, patinas, and forging in combination with cold connections using semi-precious stones, precious metals, and fresh-water pearls. My work is inspired by color, nature, organic forms and industrial motifs.

Marcy Baumgarden

Primrose Gifts

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 084


I hand make beaded jewelry, Soy Candles and wood products

Helen Bellows


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 073


We use sterling & 14k GF sheet & wire. We use the simple & ancient techniques of chasing & repouse, stamping, etching, riveting & chainmail, to create our intricate, complex works of art. We hand form & cut all our rings, and also employ the modern techniques of tessellation and fold forming.

Sarah Berardi

Grazia Jewelry

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 001


Colorful gemstones skillfully woven and intertwined with precious metals into shapes and designs that reflect sacred geometry. Techniques include handwoven freshwater and cultured pearls, highly intricate wire forming, filigree with use of powdered solder and chasing and repoussae.

Heather Bivens

Weathered Heather

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 035


I create kiln formed glass jewelry. Detailed images are hand painted with glass enamels. My jewelry, whether abstract or representational, is inspired by the natural world. All of my glass designs are one of a kind, original and made entirely by me.

Emily Bowers

Emily B Designs by Skip ‘N’ Stitches

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 067


My jewelry and accessories are hand crocheted using nylon cord, quality yarn, and fine quality, natural stones, semi-precious gem stones, glass, shell, and just occasionally, plastic beads. Each piece is designed, strung, crocheted and finished by myself.

Douglas Brandow

Douglas Brandow

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 056


I hand facet all gemstones in brilliant unique designs.(lapidary) I then sculpt original wax models using hard and soft wax. Following,I cast all pieces in 14k & fine silver. Lost wax method. All one of a kind…no molds no replicas

Karen Brown

Brown, Karen Fine Jewelry

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 048


14k gold jewelry set with unusual gemstones.

Jihan Brummell

Adorn Beadworks

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 107


Adorn Beadworks features unique handmade artisan jewelry. All pieces are hand-cut and all designs are hand drawn. Techniques used include pierce sawing, soldering, etching and wire work. Materials include, copper, nickel silver, brass, beads from around the world and natural stones.

Jennifer Buscemi

Jen’s Magnetic Connection

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 010/011


My beaded and corded jewelry features focal points of natural gemstone beads, cabochons, metallic clays, rare woods & mixed metals. Focal points are hand cut, drilled, textured, layered, kiln fired, polished and/or sealed. Bracelets, necklaces & anklets are finished with rare earth magnetic closures

Ashley Byrne

Elements of Ash

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 059


I create handcrafted jewelry that is lightweight and comfortable using recycled metals and natural gemstones. Some pieces are cut, shaped, and soldered while others are hand cast.

Elena Carey

Folkloric Jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 121


Jewelry made with semi-precious stones, gold fill, cord, with decoupage elements

Mark Chick

Artisan Jewelry

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 088


All work is made by Mark chick professional artisa for almost 50 yearsI work at Sterling silver 14 karat gold all chains on necklaces are handmade

Colleen Cody

Twogether Charms

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 028


14k Gold and Argentium Silver jewelry hand crafted with traditional bench methods; ie. sawing, bending, carving with burs and files, soldering and hand finishing on a barrel polisher. Hand set semi and semi precious stones.

Linda Connor Cass

Loudee’s Jewelry

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 019


As an artist, I strive to create one of a kind, wearable works of art. My line of jewelry is inspired by the special stones that I find on my trip to Tucson, Arizona each year. I set my stones in a variety of ways, including bead stitching, precious metal clay and silversmithing.

May Conti


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 038


Most work are one of a kind. Specialize Wirework(Crochet,Wirewraped, Pattern weaving)Using Semi precious Stone, Fresh water pearl and Swarovski Crystal.

Laura Crosetti

Laura’s Beaded Treasures

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 012


Hand beaded jewelry with Swarovski crystals, pearls, and natural gemstones.

Penelope Despos

Sha-Sha Beads

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 048


Stainless steel and 14K Gold Filled wire is sculpted around and through gemstone beads using hand tools, bench tools and imagination to create one of a kind pendants and earrings. Each piece is hand crafted by me from start to finish and all designs are my own originals.

Emily Dicob

Sterling Roots – Emily M. Dicob

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 038


I am a 3rd generation silversmith creating precious metal jewelry & decor using an array of hammers, saws, forming stakes and soldering equipment. Each piece is individually built, starting in sheet/wire form, I reclaim my metal scraps by melting down and rolling into sheet/wire using rolling mill.

Jessie & Dan Driscoll

Made From Coins

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 161


Substantial, artful jewelry formed from vintage American coins. One side of an old silver coin is sanded off and transformed into a design, leaving the coin image intact on the reverse side. Also some organically domed pieces which retain the coin image on both sides.

Leo Dubien

Shooting Star Beads, Leo DuBien

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 069


Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry using my own hand created lampwork beads,semi precious gemstones and crystals.

Jo-Anne Frazier

Jewelry by Jo! LLC

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 011


Jewelry by Jo! features one-of-a-kind jewelry from metal, resin, alcohol ink, wire, natural stones, charms and found objects. I find most of my inspiration in nature or geometric shapes, but I enjoy creating whimsical themes too. I also make original bead jewelry designs using Czech glass shapes

Colleen Gavin

Colleen Gavin

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 008


I hand-wrap semi precious stone in silver and gold wire to make rings for women and girls, with matching double-wrap leather and magnetic clasp bracelets, and a small selection of earrings and necklaces to match.

Susan Gillick

Susan Gillick

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 024


I am a bead weaver. I often use Swarovski pearls and crystals to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces. My work ranges from romantic and elegant to modern in respect for the diversity of people’taste.

Jessica Goodenbury

Puccoon Raccoon

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 089


I am a metal sculpture artist that makes tiny adorable animals and botanical jewelry using hand fabrication and lost wax casting. My work is meant to bring a smile to your face and some fun to your jewelry box.

Kathy Greeley

The Ear Cuff Girl

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 015


Hard turned Silver or Gold wire. The Non-piercing Ear Cuff is available in Small or Large. Embellishments of Upcycled charms,Hand made Beads,Pearls and Stones .Conservative styles, and very Eclectic Ear Adornment designs. The Special Bracelet transforms into a Necklace or an Anklet.

Nicole Gurski

The Pearl & Stone

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 038


I work with Freshwater Pearls and Natural Gemstones to create various styles of jewelry: classic pearl necklaces to eye-catching trendy pieces. All of my necklaces are hand strung and individually knotted. I use magnetic clasps as often as possible so that customers can wear my jewelry more easily!

Erin Gursslin

Sunshyne Silverwear

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 070


Erin creates eclectic jewelry using self-taught methods. She has two studios, one for the art of metal manipulation and another that marries the metalwork to eye catching color, composing pieces with her personal artistic style using a plethora of paints, inks and resins.

Nicole Hacic

Dazzling Designs – Nicole Hacic

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 003


I use a mix of Czech crystal, Swarovski crystal, high quality glass beads, natural semi precious stones, and resin to create unique jewelry. I employ wire wrapping, crocheting, and molding to create unique and distinctive jewelry. Many of my pieces are one of kind creations.

Lee Ann Harris

Crescent Moon Studio- Lee Ann Harris

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 032


I design and create gemstone jewelry using hand selected stones, crystals, fossils, geodes and even meteorites. I like my pieces to be unique, fun and affordable.

Kyri Hinkleman

Kyri Jewelry

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 025


Small batch, handcrafted jewelry made from sterling silver and selected gemstones. Whimsical, yet simple- perfect for everyday wear.

Lisa Hodge

Lisa Hodge of Love the Buff

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 118


Copper enamel – I use powdered glass to create designs on copper pieces. pieces are then fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees. The glass fuses to the copper, creating beutiful patterns and shapes. I then use the finished pieces to create one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings.

John Holden


Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 025


Handwroght sterling and copper jewelry. Fabrication techniques sheet cutting, forming, wroghting, chasing,filing, soldering and fusing, prong and bezel stone setting and final buffing. Materials used, sterling and copper sheet and wires of various gauges, semiprecious stones and perils.

Jayne Hughes

Joyfulenergy Jewelry

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 043


Joyfulenergy jewelry is fun modern and handmade. Handwoven beading, charms and natural gemstones set in silver are found throughout the collection. The goal is for customers to enjoy wearing the work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Terri Huntley

Sparkleez Crystals

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 064


Love of beads drives me to create. I Use Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver and other quality beads in designs. Kumihimo braiding is my newest obsession. Love searching for perfect beads for designs.

Carlos Iglesias


Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 005


Non-Pierced earrings in 14k gold, 950 silver with native American stones & diamonds.These pieces are 100% hand made from the metal down to the design itself.They provide an elegant & comfortable fit, inspired in the Inca culture.

Renzo Iglesias

Renzo Iglesias

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 007


Fine handmade earrings made out of 950 sterling silver & 14 karat gold-filled wire. All designs carry Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia and/or semi-precious stones. Tools include 30+ jewelry pliers.

Devin Johnson

Makeshift Accessories

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 140


Men’s jewelry forged from salvaged historical, cultural and mechanical metal elements, using traditional forging, riveting and finishing techniques as well as unconventional adaptations.

Cecil Kisiel

Romanoff Jewelry

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 076


We design and handmake gold and silver jewelry using Swarovski crystals. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and patented interchangeable crystal rings and pendants.

Julie Korman

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 175


I Acid Etch Copper,along with strung Semi Precious Gemstones, glass,crystals,leather,Shells and other materials. NO Plastics I hate plastics.

Marisa Krol

Interstellar Love Craft

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 026


Handcrafted metal adornment made from sterling silver, brass, 14kt gold and precious/semiprecious stones. Inspired by spirit and our interconnectedness. All designs original and hand fabricated in Rochester, NY studio.

Joette Kruppenbacher

Jewelry by Joette

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 046


My jewelry is 100%,repurposed vintage statement jewelry. The pieces are high end. Last years show was a great success and i hope to be invited again!

Vickie Larocque

Victoria’s Designs

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 160


I use European and Flat leather incorporating a unique magnetic clasp with a built in safety catch. I offer many leather color choices. I use mixed metal as well as colorful ceramic slides. Customizable. Stampunk is created with industrial, Victorian and found pieces for one of a kind pieces.

Melissa Lebeau


Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 042


I create jewelry using mixed metals, precious metal clay, leather, seed beads and semi-precious stones. The metal clay is formed then kiln fired and polished. Sheet metal is handcut, textured and/or riveted to make pendants, bracelets and rings.

Leanne Marquis

LeAnne Marquis Jewelry Fire Painted Copper

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 006


Using flame I create glorious patterns and luminous hues on copper. I then hand cut my “fire paintings” with a jeweler’s saw or shears. I incorporate semi precious gemstones with hot and cold metal smithing techniques such as soldering, bezel setting, riveting, and torch fusing. All one of a kind.

Sandra Martin-Smith


Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 022


Handcrafted fused art & dichroic glass jewelry. All pieces unique. All hand cut, built, kiln fused, cold worked with saw(s), grinder(s), drill, etching, etc. Varying bldg. & fusing techniques used to create unique colorful wearable art.

Pamela Mccormick

Beach Treasures

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 027


Unique beach glass jewelry whose inspiration is drawn from the myriad beach glass shapes found in nature.

Tanja Mcpherson

Larimar Blue LLC

Location: Street#: 02, Booth#: 015


Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry featuring Larimar, the Caribbean gemstone, and Chaney, historic china shards found on the plantation estates of our home, St. Croix, US VIrgin Islands.

Christine Meyer

Christine & Co. Design-Christine Meyer

Location: Street#: 05, Booth#: 006


Happy and unique jewelry created from resin. Clear resin is mixed with interesting mediums like glitters, alcohol inks, and acrylic paints. The molds are designed by Christine, and the prototypes are 3D printed. Christine creates earrings, rings, pins, and necklaces.

Gretchen Meyers

Peg’s Hardware

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 128


An element based jewelry line using only natural metals & stones. Designed and made by myself, I consider each piece a form of wearable art. Cutting, filing, molding & experimenting seem to be my process, drawing inspiration from fluid shapes. Statement makers that are lightweight and made to last.

Victoria Mountz

French Knit Jewelry by Victoria Mountz

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 079


A French knit process is used to transform bronze coated copper wire, gemstones and glass crystal beads into distinctive designs

Brittany Murtagh

2 Mama Birds

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 006


2 Mama Birds handmade jewelry is a mix of fine sterling silver pieces and freshwater pearls. We sometimes mix in a bit of cut glass depending on the season.

Christy Nicholas

Green Dragon Artist

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 031


I sew each seedbead, crystal, pearl, and finding on one by one with needle and thread to create sculptural and pictorial works of wearable art.

David Nugent


Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 108


I work in 14K Gold & Sterling Silver. Hammered, cast and fabricated, the forms are combined with precious & semi-precious stones. The fusion of, design, function & comfort is my art through jewelry.

Heather Patterson

Shinybits Jewelry, Heather Patterson

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 106


Sterling silver jewelry with accents of 14k gold and copper. Most of my pieces are hammer formed and many include semi precious gemstones. My clean elegant designs are are inspired by natural forms and geometric shapes.

Tammy Peer

Magnetic Expressions Jewelry

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 207


Hand-crafted jewelry designed with a magnetic clasp. Jewelry is made using Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones and electroplated metal alloys that are lead and nickel free. The clasp is made from high quality Rare Earth Magnets. We customize jewelry during the show. Price range is $20 to $35.

Grace Raines

Grace Raines

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 203


Hello! I am a jewelry artisan who has been practicing for 10 years in multiple mediums. I work with metals, wood, resin, and crystals. I specialize in on-site customization. I bring all of my jeweler tools to each festival and am able to adjust, engrave, handstamp, and personalize every single item

Brittany Rea

Rea Designs

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 115


Rea Designs creates modern interpretations of timeless jewelry pieces focusing on the natural qualities of metal paired with an elegance through minimal design.

Chai Reosakunchai

Silverplus, Bellingham MA

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 018


Most of my works are one of a kind, and unique. Use sterling silver, 10-14k gold with casting, solder,fusing techniques…The necklaces are truly and exclusively one of a kind, and offer a unique piece of art that every customer can enjoy .

Cindy Ritchie

Simply Cindy @ Moose River Glass

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 012


Using an oxygen & propane torch,transparent,opaque and metal laden glasses from around the world are melted,formed and sculpted into tiny beads and figures. Created from my imagination with nature as my inspiration, these creations are incorporated into unique, tiny works of art.

Nancy Slobe

Celtic Butterfly

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 061


I specialize in Celtic/Irish Jewelry, each piece is accented or centered around Celtic knot designs, Shamrocks and 4 leaf clovers. I use Sterling silver hooks and gold plated hooks for pierced earrings, and I extend the offer to include clip ons. Necklaces etc, express my thinking out of box.

Kathleen Smith

Unique Reflections Jewelry

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 115


Collaborative wkg. Couple with a PASSION for making RINGS & BANGLES!14KT.,14KTgf, Argentium & FINE Silver Wire in gauges 4-20.NOT traditional wire-wrap as we do NOT use patterns.We hand-swirl & sculpture the wire around & thru Semi.& Precious Gems & Swarovski Crystals.1-of-a-kind & szd.2fit at Fest.

Lori Sofianek

Glori Bead, LLC – Lori Sofianek

Location: Street#: 04, Booth#: 017


I create expressive designs using multiple mediums such as metal,resin,paper,coins,alcohol ink and beads. My interests are varied. I continue to take art classes to introduce variety into my work. My hand cut coins make beautiful one of a kind statement pieces. Prices range from $15.00 to $195.00.

Sarah Stanbury

Sarah Stanbury Jewelry Designs

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 113


Rustic / Bohemian handcrafted jewelry: antique typewriter key necklaces, wire-wrapped gemstone pendant necklaces, mixed metal & beaded dangle earrings, leather-wrap gemstone bracelets, silk-knotted gem necklaces, and gem & metal stackable charm bracelets.

Judy Swayze

Judy Swayze Designs-Judy Swayze

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 150


I create wood pyrography & stoneware jewelry inspired by nature. I wood burn then paint or stain pendants & set in a bezel or it is wire wrapped. My clay pendants & beads are knotted or wire wrapped. All work is enhanced w/gemstones, Czech glass, metal rings, vintage leather belts & linen cord.

Kevin Terry

k. douglas jewelry

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 127


Organic, free-form & chunky is how I describe my overall design esthetic. I work primarily with stainless steel along with semi-precious stones, pearls & glass. My wire work includes wrapping, hammering & crocheting; I use other techniques including fiber knotting, bead weaving & kumihimo braiding

Joan Tessler

Jewels & Co.

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 053


A fusion of world cultures inspired by a broad spectrum of design. Our processes: mining, lapidary, alloying, stone-setting, fabricating, casting, wire-wrapping. Our techniques: fusing, fold-forming, reticulation, in silver, copper, bronze & gold, using precious and semi-precious stones & pearls.

Lauren Tomlinson


Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 118


LTcreated designs and creates beautiful handmade wearable art. From the bold and bright to the soft and subtle, there’s something for everyone to love. These one of a kind feminine statement pieces are made from ultra lightweight polymer clay that won’t weigh you down no matter how long you wear t

Maressa Tosto Merwarth

Mari Tome Jewelry Design

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 037


My work blurs the line between jewelry and sculpture, wearable and non-wearable, art and accessory. Each piece challenges and engages the wearer through its manipulation of common-place shapes, formed and fabricated from precious metals (silver and gold) and accented by semi-precious stones & pearls

Juan Velez

Juan Velez Designs

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 141


Handwrought jewelry using pre-Colombian techniques in filigree and braiding in 14k rolled gold wire

M. Kristine Waldron

Kris Waldron

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 134


I create handmade jewelry using Metal Clay, in both precious & base metals, often incorporating semiprecious stones, pearls, & cubic zirconia. I also create using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I find the organic qualities of metal, stones, and pearls to be soothing, yet complex.

Rachel Weber

Rachel Weber Designs

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 114


Rachel’s hand crafted jewelry incorporates clean minimalist lines, geometric shapes, layering, and texture. The jewelry can be described as delicate and dainty in appearance.Jewelry from Rachel Weber Designs is crafted with great care and made with either sterling silver or 14k gold-filled material.

Charlotte Werner-Kohler

Lakeside Jewelry Design – Charlotte Werner

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 011


Artist-collected sea glass set in fine and sterling silver and drilled with semiprecious accents stones for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Gini Weslowski

Suki Handmade Jewelry

Location: Street#: 6, Booth#: 124


I create unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces using bead embroidery and bead weaving techniques. My pieces feature semi-precious gemstones, leather, shibori silk, soutache braid, polymer clay and wood.

Kimberly Zielinski

Mill Hill Arts Kimberly Zielinski

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 016


Using glass beads, crystal, semi-precious cabochons and pearls, I embroider my designs onto a stiff felt and then back the piece with leather or microfiber suede. The two layers of fabric are then edged with more beads to form a seamless finish. Each piece of jewelry I make is one of a kind.

Jeff Zoellner

Jeff Zoellner

Location: Street#: 9L, Booth#: 100


Exquisite and original hand-fabricated Sterling Silver Jewelry designs, featuring genuine gemstones and heirloom quality craftsmanship.