Jason Ackerman

Jason R Ackeman Serendipity Photos

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 020


Matted and aluminum printed Photography. Primarily Western New York land and cityscapes alongside other subjects.

Daniel Calleri

Daniel V. Calleri

Location: Street#: 07, Booth#: 201


My work consists of traditional 19th century photographic processes such as cyanotypes, gum oil and salt paper prints adapting their characteristics to the language of contemporary photography.

Larry Chapman

Larry Chapman Photography

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 063


I use a 46 megapixel digital camera and do my own printing on the highest quality fine art papers. I matt and frame all photographs using archival materials. I make large format prints up to 96″.

Darlene Collins

design a sign

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 7


photography letter art

Dick Collins

Wild Side Photographic Art by Dick Collins

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 029


I am a wildlife photographer. I show over 500 images taken in over 50 counties. I do all own printing on paper, canvas, metal and ceramic.

Robert Copeland

Bob Copeland Photography

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 047


Warmtoned color & B&W photographs using traditional burning and dodging in the digital darkroom.

John Esposito

Bella Mondo Images by John Esposito

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 162


Digital photos of landscapes and cityscapes around the United States and Europe. Additional photos of flowers and other objects that are interesting to me

Steven Exley

Steven Exley

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 133


My tools: Camera’s as an extension of my “Vision” along with over 40 years of photographic exploration. I seek images of serendipity and enchantment. I create each work myself in entirety, from image creation, editing, printing, matting, and framing, in an archival manner.

Chris Goodenbury

CM Goodenbury Photography

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 091


Most of my photos are taken with a wide angle lens, immersing the viewer in scenes of collapsing gothic cathedrals, ruined relics of the rust belt and the empty, foreboding halls of forgotten asylums.

Maggie Hamell

Red Magnolia Artisans

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 103


I am an artist from the Rochester area with a focus on light an color. I love taking photos of things in nature, but I do not like to limit myself.

Glen Klein

Glen Klein

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 005


Graphic design applied to photography printed on stretched canvas.

Jeff Kuhlman

Jeff Kuhlman

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 146


Traditional Film Photography, darkroom work is done by artist. Printing and framing is done by artist, acid free archival materials used, archival pigment prints done to the giclee standard.

David Maynard

La Shot Photography by David Maynard

Location: Street#: 06, Booth#: 169/171


travel the world looking for magic moments: doorways, windows, gardens land & seascapes. I shoot film, scan the negative or use a digital camera. Use photoshop as a darkroom to complete my vision. I print canvas giclees’, mount & coat with UV protective & frame in woods or gallery wrap them myself

Philip Pantano

Photography by GreatLook

Location: Street#: 09, Booth#: 039


Unique historic and travel photography with a cutting edge editing style. Using the latest full frame camera gear and professional digital software.

Griffen Raymond

Griffen Raymond Photography

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 043


I use a Nikon D810, a variety of lenses, and often smoke or light to capture the beauty found in nature and our everyday surroundings. All images are printed on archival paper and matted or framed.

Steven Raymond

S.A. Photography

Location: Street#: 03, Booth#: 024


I create long exposure photographs at night. These photographs capture the star trails and use light painting to illuminate the foreground. I use different techniques such as fire, flashlights, and the moon to illuminate the foreground. This photography requires clear nights and no light pollution.

David Reade

David L Reade / Dawn’s Early Light Photo

Location: Street#: 11, Booth#: 021/023


Much of my newer work has been shot in black & white and color infrared for a truly unique look. I print archival canvas giclees & present them expertly gallery wrapped or in elegant wood frames.

Stephen Spinder

Stephen Spinder Fine Art Photography

Location: Street#: 04, Booth#: 019


Fine art color and B/W original photographs, many made from film. Framed, matted, singles; also cards.

Ronald Stochl

Stochl Imaging

Location: Street#: 09L, Booth#: 111


We capture high resolution images which may then be notecarded, matted, matt & framed or mounted in Plak-It form (usually panos mounted on hardboard with box frame & a satin finish.

Ted Tatarzyn

Ted Tatarzyn

Location: Street#: 08, Booth#: 066


Archival photographic prints on photographic paper or high gloss aluminum created from my original digital raw images and film media.

David Zimmerman

David G Zimmerman Photography

Location: Street#: 12, Booth#: 002


Photography of various subjects. I use both color and B&W and with some images, I add water color paints. My subjects vary from animals to social justice.