The Rhythm Dogs

Saturday 1:35 – 3:05 | Main Stage
Rhythm DogsIf you were around in the early 1970s,you may have been lucky enough to have witnessed the development of a new sub genre of American music that has been referred to as “Upstate NY Funk”.A gritty hot analog mess of soul and blues combined with dangerously good instrumental work and Motown inspired vocal harmonies. These elements are the hallmarks of the Upstate Funk style.

Players from Woodstock via NYC combined skills with the best musicians from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca. Bands and individuals like Orleans, The Fabulous Rhinestones,Hot Sweets with Oliver Wiggins.Cal David, John Hall, and stalwarts like Harvey Brooks packed smoke filled college bars like the Red Creek in Rochester NY and the Salty Dog in Ithaca. Like the last remaining speakers of a rare indigenous language, The Rhythm Dogs have picked up the torch and captured the heart and soul of the Upstate Funk sound. People know authenticity when they hear it. Audiences are transported back to 1971~dancing, hollering and carrying on…you know…like we used to! The Rhythm Dogs~ The Music’s Back.


Rob Erb – Guitar
Paul “Jr.” Spezio – Keyboards & Saxes
Tony Castronova – Guitar & Vocals
Pat McNinch – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Jeff Hobbs – Drums & Vocals

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