The Mighty High and Dry

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

MHD paints life’s adventure as an ever-unfolding mirror
Which hangs over altar with full bar

The Mighty High & Dry pumps out big-hearted American Rock ‘n Soul, employing a healer’s touch and a lover’s kiss to the other cheek. Since 2011, singer Alan Murphy has been channeling his writing efforts into MHD along with bassist Kyle Vock.  In 2019, they recorded live performances in their hometown of Rochester, NY, and are releasing a double vinyl album of those performances in May, 2023.  This is their fourth album, entitled, LIVE. WILD. LOVE.

MHD currently performs with a 6-piece lineup.  Since 2022, Alex Cote (who drummed with MHD since 2016) and Sean Brabant have been the guitar section of the band, freeing Murphy to switch back and forth between guitar and keyboards.  Matt Bevan-Perkins has assumed the drum throne, and has a partner in rhythm with vocalist Vanessa Mangione contributing tambourine.  All members of The Mighty High & Dry contribute their original songs to the band, and MHD shows are marked by an ongoing rotation of lead and background vocals.  


Location: The Labatt Blue Light Gazebo Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 1:00 pm – 2:40 pm

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