Grace Lougen and Grace Stumberg

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Grace Stumberg and Grace Lougen are an indie folk/rock duo from Buffalo, NY. They perform Grace Stumberg’s original music, which is easily accessible and inspiring to people of all ages. Both of them travel the world with folk legend Joan Baez. Stumberg is Joan’s back-up singer and Lougen is her guitar/stage tech. They also play their own shows on their days off during Joan tours and have performed in Norway, Scotland, and Germany. Lougen also plays guitar for award winning blues bassist, Robert Parker.

Grace Stumberg’s voice transcends spirit and holds both power in range and an effortless dynamic of soul. Grace Lougen’s passionate, tasteful guitar playing is rooted in blues and rock music. Together, they create an energizing blend of music that supports the power of song.  Both of these talented ladies have made several appearances at The Corn Hill Arts Festival in past few years.  Corn Hill Arts Festival entertainment producer, Woody Woodward, refers to Grace and Grace as two of the hardest working and most creatively talented musicians in all of western New York.

Location: The Agape Physical Therapy Stage at the Avery Mall
Time: –
Sunday, 3:10 pm – 4:45 pm

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