Come for the Art, Stay for it All! Week 9

Come for the Art: Woodworking

You’ll be amazed by how the artists in this category are able to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. Whether its detail work made with laser cut designs or unique acrylic and epoxy combinations, the range of craftsmanship in this category runs deep. We are proud to have artists who offer our visitors options from small decorative and household items all the way to large scale furniture pieces. Explore the world of woodworking at the 51st Festival and bring a piece home to enjoy all year round!

Stay for it All: Beer and Wine Gardens

In the heat of July, we have the perfect place for you to cool off and snag a refreshing drink as you make your way through our 365+ artists packed Festival. Visit the Beer and Wine Gardens, located at Lunsford Circle and the Food Court, to enjoy delicious alcoholic beverages, including Michelob Ultra and Stella Artois! Visit to learn more.

For week 9 of our Sponsor Spotlight, we would like to thank Lake Beverage! With the support of our beer and wine sponsor, we are able to provide some of the best alcoholic beverages to our visitors.

Lake Beverage - Corn Hill Arts Festival Sponsor

Our sponsors play such a large role in making the Corn Hill Arts Festival possible. Their dedication to the Festival is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of our sponsors:

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