Come for the Art, Stay for it All! Week 2

Come for the Art: Mixed Media

This visual artform combines a variety of mediums in every single piece of artwork. There is an endless list of ways these pieces can be presented, creating a great mix of traditionally inspired and eclectic styles all in one category. With mixed media, the sky is the limit to what can be created.

Stay for it All: Emerging Artists Expo

Back for the 11th year is the MVP Health Care’s Emerging Artist Expo, where artists between the ages of 15-25 can apply to exhibit their work. The Emerging Artists Expo will be located on Eagle Street during the Festival. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and engage with the artists through feedback, browsing or purchasing their work.

Are you interested in applying to be an emerging artist at this year’s Festival? Applications are still being accepted until May 31st. For more information about how to apply, visit:

Sponsor Spotlight: MVP Health Care

For week 2 of our Sponsor Spotlight, we would like to thank our Emerging Artist Expo sponsor, MVP Health Care! The Corn Hill Neighbors Association is very appreciative of the continued support of MVP and the opportunities that this expo provides young artists. Make sure to visit the Expo on July 13 and 14!

“The Corn Hill Arts Festival is a perfect opportunity for young, emerging artists throughout Rochester to showcase their talents and highlight their impact on the community,” said Denise Gonick, MVP Health Care’s Chief Executive Officer and Director. “MVP Health Care is pleased to sponsor the Expo as a way to spotlight these talented new artists who are an inspiration to all of us at MVP.”

MVP - Corn Hill Arts Festival 2019

Our sponsors play such a large role in making the Corn Hill Arts Festival possible. Their dedication to the Festival is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of our sponsors:

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