Capoeira Demonstrations

MCEThe Capoeira Mandinga Rochester will be conducting live Capoeira demonstrations at the 2010 Corn Hill Arts Festival on Sunday, July 11th from 11AM – 3PM in the children’s area of the food court.

MCECapoeira is a 600+ year-old martial art, and one of the only martial arts truly native to the Americas. Born from and developed by African slaves in Brazil, it was disguised as a dance to keep slave owners and authorities in the dark about the art. After slavery was abolished, it was still illegal until the early 20th century, and has since grown to become Brazil’s national sport.

Todd “Carcará” Russell, a Contra-Mestre and the head of Capoeira Mandinga Rochester, brought capoeira to Rochester nearly six years ago and, in that time, built a constantly growing network of friends/family who strives to keep this art alive and flourishing. Once only played by slaves and their descendents, capoeira is now for everyone, young and old, rich or poor, short or tall. It brings about energy that makes the players, the musicians, and even the spectators are part of the game.

Anyone interested in capoeira in Rochester can visit us at 46a Sager Drive, just off of Culver Road between East and University Avenues. For class schedule and upcoming events, visit the Capoeira Mandinga’s website. All are welcome any time. Vamos embora!