Emerging Artists Expo

Emerging Artists Expo

Emerging Artists Expo 2017 Corn Hill Arts FestivalNow in its 9 th year, the Emerging Artist Expo gives young artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their creations at a juried show. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association initiated this event to support young artists and give them a “real-life” experience in a festival setting. Twenty-one, up-and- coming artists participate in this event from neighboring high schools, colleges and the community at large.

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association is appreciative of MVP Health Care’s continued support of this event. The artists will be exhibiting on Eagle St. and we invite you to take a look at their work, provide feedback and purchase if you like what you see. This year’s Corn Hill Arts Festival commemorative poster artist is Ryan Martin and in 2016 he was an Emerging Artist.

Meet the artists and discover a new talent!

NameGenreStreetBooth #
Rebecca BoonePainting101
Kristopher KodweisGraphics102
Larissa BorglumWatercolor103
Emily PattonDrawing/Painting104
Kyle LascellePottery105
Anna OvermoyerWatercolor/Ink106
Morgan FrazerPainting107
Rebecca LomutoPrintmaking/Graphics108
Pech ChunDrawing109
Anna HenryPrintmaking1010
Alexis ParkerPainting1011
Molly MayfieldPainting/Graphics1012
Krista JenkinsCrochet1013
Maria SavkaPrintmaking/Graphics1014
Mike MalteseMixed Media1015
Tiffany BackouEthnic Clothing1016
Sara StandevenDrawing1017
Sophia RosmanPainting1018
Kasim WallacePainting1019
Chloe WilliamsWatercolor1020
Trinia LangsenkampPainting1021

Maps and other information are located on the website CornHillArtsFestival.com

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