The Nightstalkers

Saturday 12:30 – 2:00 | Gazebo Stage
NightstalkersFormed in 1992, The Nightstalkers quickly became one of the region’s premier blues acts, bringing their signature style to over 200 shows a year from Canada to Arkansas. Sales of their two albums are still strong today. With the passing of lead singer Marshall James in 2006, the band went on a hiatus, but are now back in full force with Dave Riccioni full-time on vocals and guitar, as well as the other original members who are, Steve McNally on Hammond Organ, Ralph Bushey on drums, and Fred Stone on bass guitar. Expect to hear dueling guitar and organ as well as hypnotic grooves. Energy is the key to the Nightstalkers reckless abandon both live and on their new album featuring some special guest appearances of legendary blues players. Don’t miss some throw down smoking hot blues and cool grooves.