The Corn Hill Neighbors Association unveiled the 2015 Corn Hill Arts Festival Commemorative Poster this afternoon during its annual ceremony.

Corn Hill Arts Festival 2015 Poster by Jim Mott

The event was attended by neighborhood residents, area business leaders and special guests, including, Mayor Lovely Warren and ESL Federal Credit Union CEO David L. Fiedler. ESL is the presenting sponsor of the Festival.

This year’s poster was created by Rochester native, Jim Mott. As a highly regarded artist with national recognition, Mott participated in the Itinerant Artist Project (IAP), exchanging art for hospitality across the US and Canada. Touring for a total of 14 months since 2000, Mott has stayed in dozens homes across 35 states and 3 provinces, producing more than 600 paintings of the American landscape.

The poster image entitled, “Atkinson Night Walk” places the viewer on an evening stroll.

“Night brought out a sense of mystery. It was an improvisation on a theme meant to suggest the enchantment you can feel in Corn Hill when the mood catches you,” explained Mott. “There was something cozy, but exotic about it, a sense of being slightly in a different time.”

Mott’s artwork and signing will be available on commemorative merchandise at the 47th Annual Corn Hill Arts Festival. The Merchandise Booth is located at the Frederick Douglas and Adams Streets intersection.
“The Corn Hill Festival is an important part of one our city’s most vibrant neighborhoods,” said Mayor Lovely A. Warren. “Festivals are critical to our city’s quality of life and our ability to create jobs. Jim Mott’s poster for this year’s festival celebrates life in Corn Hill with a peaceful walk down Atkinson Street.”

Funds raised during the Corn Hill Arts Festival through sponsorships, vendors and exhibitors are used by the Neighbors Association for a variety of community needs, including protecting and promoting the historical character and beauty of the area. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association encourages cultural diversity, and strives to foster good relations not only within the neighborhood, but throughout surrounding communities as well. For more information on Corn Hill or its festival, please visit www.cornhillartsfestival.com.

The Festival’s media kit can be found at http://www.chafmedia.com/.

Visit Jim online at www.jimmott.com.


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