2024 Commemorative Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster Unveiled

The 2024 commemorative Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster has been unveiled!

Corn Hill Arts Festival - 2024 Poster

CHAF – Poster Artist Details 2024

Artist Bio

My name is Jessica Nikic I am a contemporary realist/abstract painter. Trying to emanate joy and peace through vibrant spirits of my portraiture subjects, places I traveled, all things nostalgic and abstractions of energy. I have studied fine arts at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY, and then onto The University of the Art in Philadelphia, PA. Later received a job sailing the seven seas working as an Art Gallery director selling artwork from Rembrandt to Peter Max. Now living in Rochester, NY.

I am a full time artist painting commissions, live paintings for events and weddings, guest portraits, murals, and exhibitions around the city. From ROCO to The Yards to coffee shops (Fuego, Melo) to painting live for charities such as Make A Wish Foundation.

My work is inspired by the places people live their lives, and ways in which they choose to live. Through bold color, movement, and the occasional moody brush stroke, I share my story of creating marks and compositions that express daily life, the tales of those in my life, and the lives of those around me.

2024 Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster Unveiling

Poster Inspiration

Corn Hill has always been more than just a neighborhood. It’s a community. As a young girl growing up my Aunt Nanci lived in Corn Hill. It was always so much fun spending time with her and her eclectic friends at the Gazebo for live music in the summertime. She would throw these extravagant Christmas parties at one of the older homes in Corn Hill, every Christmas were she raised money for charities. Corn Hill was always a magical place especially at night during the holiday season.

The Cornhill festival was an inspiration to me as a young girl. It made me realize that being an artist was something that was possible. As much as adults told me it wasn’t a practical career choice. The Corn Hill festival gave me hope. I would dream about having a booth every year. Fast forward some years. After art school and working on cruise ships selling art. I settled back home to find my parents moving into the Corn Hill community. I was ecstatic! Not only do I get to relive those childhood memories but now my kids get to as well. I FINALLY decided it’s time to get a booth! I was accepted and very much cried from happiness.

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