2014 Corn Hill Arts Festival Award Winners Announced

The Corn Hill Art Festival is proud to announce the 2014 Award Winners in each of the 10 categories.  Cash Prizes were awarded to all winners.  Please be sure to visit these award winning artists and congratulate them on their fine artistry & craftsmanship.

Featured Artist:
Kat Patterson  (Corner of Frederick Douglass & Adams Street)


1st       James Stanford (05-007)

2nd      John Ryszka (05-022)

3rd      James Eksten (08-028)



1st       Carlos Zepeda (02-016)

2nd      Douglas Brandow (12-054)

3rd      William Greenwood (06-115)


Mixed Media/Other

1st       Marc Gaiger (08-003)

2nd      Mary Jane Piccuirro (12-017)

3rd      Richard Birkett (10-019)



1st       Alan LaMont (10-010)

2nd      James & Amy Greenwald (08-036)

3rd      Lynne Bittner (12-061)



1st       A.D. Wheeler (12-022)

2nd      Greg Easter (10-022A)

3rd      Philip Pantano (09-004)


Pottery & Ceramics

1st       Davin Butterfield (09L-115)

2nd      Brandon Capwell (08-057)

3rd      Kim Cutler (08-049)



1st       Bud Scheffel (09-010/012)

2nd      Cheryl Cenzi (09-001)

3rd      George Graham (08-031)



1st       Joe Reboh (08-018)

2nd      Robert Stadnycki (12-056)

3rd      Kyoung-Joa Park (11-047)



1st       Philip Rose (06-140)

2nd      Mark Bair (08-011)

3rd      Robert Rosenberger (11-045)