2013 Corn Hill Arts Festival Winners Announced


 The Corn Hill Art Festival is proud to announce the 2013 Award Winners in each of the 10 categories.  Cash Prizes were awarded to all winners.  Please be sure to visit these award winning artists and congratulate them on their fine artistry & craftsmanship.

Featured Artist:
Teresa Haag  (Corner of Frederick Douglass & Adams Street)



Emerging Artists Expo:

1st – Kat Patterson
2nd – Caitlin Pallicheck
3rd – Alyssa Shuey

1st – James Eksten (Frederick Douglass #28)
2nd – Jeanne Kratt (Frederick Douglass #31)
3rd – Marusca Gatto (South Fitzhugh #161)

1st – Douglass Brandow (Corn Hill PLace #12)
2nd – William Greenwood (South Fitzhugh #112B)
3rd – Victor Silva (Atkinson #112)

Mixed Media:
1st – Marc Gaiger & Carol Bell (Frederick Douglass #3)
2nd – Mark McDermott (Adams #61)
3rd – Casey Wright (South Fitzhugh #133)

1st – Alison Cowles (South Fitzhugh #127)
2nd – Deborah Casdin (South Fitzhugh #141)
3rd – James & Amy Greenwald (Frederick Douglass #36)

1st – Dewey Fladd (Corn Hill Place #86)
2nd – A.D. Wheeler (Corn Hill Place #22)
3rd – Jason Ackerman (Frederick Douglass #40)

Pottery & Ceramics:
1st – Julianna Drumheller (South Fitzhugh #128)
2nd – Michael Natale (Adams #6)
3rd – Hodaka Hasebe (Corn Hill Place #66)

1st – George Graham (Corn Hill Place #56)
2nd – Curtis Jenney (Corn Hill Place #62)
3rd – Jillian Forman (Frederick Douglass #62)

Weaving-Leather-Textile Design:
1st – Esther Yaloz (South Fitzhugh #102)
2nd – Nancy Hesketh (South Fitzhugh #142A)
3rd – David Diebler (Atkinson #16)

1st – Debra DeMinck (Frederick Douglass #17)
2nd – Steve Eckel (Adams #41)
3rd – John Sim (South Fitzhugh #214)


  1. Stacey mark says

    Jen Born’s mixed media art “PS Enjoy Your Life” is my family’s favorite business to look for and visit at the festival. That was no different this year. She does a great job!

  2. Festival Chair says

    Glad you had a great day at the festival.

  3. Marusca Gatto says

    I am surprised and honored to receive this award! Many thanks for a well managed and wonderful festival!

  4. It was such an honor to be chosen as one of the winners- I am in such good company and was completely thrilled with the whole weekend! The little balloon golf cart was great, this was my first time at Corn Hill and I can’t think of a single thing I’d want changed. Great job everyone!

  5. Congratulations to all but especially the artist booth that allowed us to create out own silk scarf: that was so unique and we really enjoyed it: my Daughter loves hers and I cannot wait to make one or my own. Thank you!