Todd East A Tribute to Stevie Wonder

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

With the vast music catalog that icon Stevie Wonder has amassed over his brilliant career, it is surprising that there have not been more “Stevie Wonder Tributes.” But when you listen to his musical genius, you realize that it would take a “special talent” to be able to replicate his vocals, his keyboard prowess and music with authenticity and credibility. That special talent is Todd East!

Todd’s piano wizardry and dynamic vocal ability was inspired at an early age by none other than Stevie Wonder! He is an Upstate New York native whose talent is recognized internationally and his ability to capture the heart and soul of Stevie Wonder’s artistry is respected and revered! His abilities are not limited to the comparison to Stevie but his sound, vibrancy and his heart are instantly, undeniably anchored by Stevie’s magic. It’s not Todd trying to sound like Stevie, it is who he is! Truly amazing! He has surrounded himself with some world class musicians, hand-picked from members of Prime Time Funk and Me & The Boyz. Close your eyes and listen to the closest representation of the master himself, ”Todd East’s Tribute to Stevie Wonder!”

Location: The Garber Automotive Group Main Stage
Time: Saturday, 4:10 pm – 5:50 pm

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