The Occasional Saints

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

“It’s a sound of big ease, of Louisiana bump and sparkle with dashes of jazz and pop mirth. It’s beautiful; it’s sanctified. But [P. V. Nunes, lead vocalist, songwriter and pianist] a saint, he ain’t…Bad things that sound pretty darn good. “- so says Frank De Blase of City Newspaper.

Joining Nunes are music veterans Carmen Verzillo on lead guitar, Michael Verzillo on drums, Ernest Santoro on electric bass guitar, Rick McRae on trombone, and Jerry Laufer on blues harp.

“Nunes’ hands dance effortlessly up and down the 88’s in a powerful polydactyl boogie…. [But the Saints] don’t show off.…[Nunes] nurses a narrative full of New Orleans nectar from the piano like a less sardonic Randy Newman or Tom Waits on a chocolate milk bender. He sings matter-of-factly and prefers to showcase the band than to be considered the front man. He lets the songs speak for themselves. And though they possess their own individual tales, there is a common thread throughout.

“I want folks to have a good time,” Nunes says. “I want to bring something positive to the party. I try not to write dark songs. There are many gifted songwriters and performers who can go to the dark edges. I choose not to. Other folks can cover that territory; it’s just not me.”

Location: The Garber Automotive Group Main Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

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