The Grace Stumberg Band

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Grace Stumberg is a creator of friendly original music that grabs the ears of any listener. Singing Buffalo’s “Good Feet” jingle and opening for bands such as Rusted Root, Hawksley Workman, and Haiku, she has earned her keep in the music industry. Inspired by raw simple songwriting that really rocks out, Grace’s music is a genre that can be explained as pop/rock/funky and sometimes folk; never fully understood until experienced.

Grace has learned the ways of the “touring world” by serving as folk legend Joan Baez’s guitar tech and personal assistant. As a result, Grace has gained an insatiable hunger to share her music with others. She has toured with musicians such as Left On Red and Pete Mroz, singing songs to bring awareness to fair-trade purchases and raising money for local food banks. Grace Stumberg’s own live performances consistently demonstrate her musical abilities, incorporating a wide range of cover songs as well as her own originals.

Don’t forget her band comprised of Grace Lougen- Lead electric guitar, Michael Petrino on bass guitar and Josh English- drums. The Grace Stumberg Band is a power house of energy guaranteed to get you on your feet and have a rockin’ time.

Location: The Labatt Blue Light Gazebo Stage
Time: Saturday, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm

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