The Crawdiddies

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Drawing from the same Mississippi roots that have become the source of many American classics, The Crawdiddies offer up a unique gumbo served up on a washboard!
They draw from early Blues and Americana styles where you can hear the influence of Muddy Waters, Mississippi John Hurt, Billie Holiday, along with current traditional music bands like Crooked Still.

These styles flow into The Crawdiddies original songs well, as played on their unique combination of traditional instruments: Resonator Guitar, Flute, Washboard rig and Upright Bass.

The band formed in Feb 2011 at Rochester NY’s Beale Street Café’s “Son House Blues Night” (a monthly jam session dedicated to the great delta blues king, who was rediscovered and residing in Rochester during the 60’s).

Bass player Jay Chaffee and guitarist Gordon Munding had already been arranging a collection of early blues and roots music when flutist Heather Taylor became “interested in singing a song”.
Musicians and listeners already saw how well her flute could fit in those blues jams. Then Heather came to a rehearsal to try out Blind Willie Johnson’s “Soul of a Man”. She’d never sung blues before, so they worked out a comfortable key for her to sing in. It soon became clear that Heather also has an amazing voice. It was the beginning of her career in singing.

Washboard Dave joined the band the next month adding his unique chops to the rehearsals, while Heather built up her list of songs to sing from Gordon’s catalog of original and traditional patterns.

Location: The Agape Physical Therapy Stage at the Avery Mall
Time: –
Sunday, 12:40 pm – 2:20 pm

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