Teagan Ward

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Singer/songwriter, Teagan Ward, isn’t from this this time or place.  At least it doesn’t seem like she should be.  Her words lament perspectives and stories of which each of us can relate regardless of age or circumstance.  With her wild mane of long curls flinging around her head while she dances and her free-spirited attitude combined with her soul-tingling vocals, she would fit well with the likes of Janis or Stevie with lyrics rooted with inspirations from Mitchell and Taylor.  But Ward, has paid homage to these influences by bringing their spirit and sound to this generation for years.  Be sure to also check out music by her band Teagan and the Tweeds

Website: https://teaganward.com/home
Location: The School of Rock Stage at 27 Atkinson Street
Time: Saturday, 3:00 pm – 4:40 pm

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