Rusty Kettle

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Rusty Kettle is the kind of band you want to listen to when you’re enjoying a summer night in Rochester, NY. Good thing too — because that’s where they come from. The foursome plays a mix of Irish, bluegrass, folk and original music, which makes their sound unique and familiar all at once. The blend of flute, cello, guitar, bodhran and vocal crooning brings Ireland and Americana right to the stage.

The band originally formed in 2013 after deciding that playing instruments alone was not nearly as fun as playing together. The name “Rusty Kettle” takes after a little bit of local heritage, from the “rust belt” region of Western New York, and from the whistle of a “kettle” — summoning all who are near for drinks to share, community and the comfort of friends. With sounds similar to Nickelcreek, The Civil Wars and Alison Krauss and Union Station plus a little bit of a pub band straight out of Dublin, Rusty Kettle is sure to please this summer.

The crew of three ladies and one fellow has seen success in its first year of playing the scene. The late and great pub McGraw’s in East Rochester was the first to open its stage to the band and by December, they had secured a slew of gigs around the region. They’ve been popping everywhere it seems — from Barry’s in Webster to The Little Theater downtown. Fans sing along to old favorites and find familiarity in originals, already saying Rusty Kettle is an up and coming “must see” in Rochester.

Location: The School of Rock Stage at 27 Atkinson Street
Time: –
Sunday, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

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