Rockwood Ferry Trio

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Music from the ground, for the heart – Rockwood Ferry features the original songs of artist Tenzin Chopak (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano) expressed through an ensemble of some of the finest musicians from Ithaca, New York:

Gypsy jazz violin virtuoso Eric Aceto (Djug Django, Aceto-Leiberman Quartet, TiTi Chickapea, The Burns Sisters)

Classically trained cross-over double bass phenomenon Ethan Jodziewicz (Retrospectacles, Evil City String Band).

Rockwood Ferry speaks with a haunting language of their own yet understood by all, descended from roots, jazz, and progressive folk to communicate the depths and heights of human emotion with tenderness and ferocity. Chopak’s lyrics are a fluid collage of waking dreams filled with longing, painted in the colors of his East Tennessee upbringing and beyond. The result: passionate and beautiful music let loose with blazing energy.

Location: The Labatt Blue Light Gazebo Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 11:25 am – 12:55 pm

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