Ray Paul

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

From his roots growing up in Rochester, NY, Ray Paul learned how to harmonize at a very early age. He listening to the Everly Brothers and was heavily influenced by the energy and excitement created by the first British Invasion, especially The Beatles and the classic pop songwriting of the 1960’s. Considered one of the pioneers of the power-pop genre, Ray Paul has been touring and recording since 1978.

In 2016, Ray Paul released a brand new album with guest appearances by Clem Burke (Blondie), TerryDraper (Klaatu), Emitt Rhodes & Kurt Reil (Grip Weeds) that was critically acclaimed. His Ray Paul & RPM band toured the west coast and the northeast last summer promoting the album which Goldmine magazine called “the first great power pop album of 2016!” A band show this July 22nd at Lovin’ Cup will be recorded for an album release.

Website: http://www.permanentpress.net/raypaul/
Location: The School of Rock Stage at 27 Atkinson Street
Time: Saturday, 12:15 pm – 1:35 pm

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