King Chro and The Talismen

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

With organ fused licks, blazing guitar leads, and a solid rhythm section, King Chro and the Talismen (KC&T) will provide an exciting performance for all music lovers who are looking to alleviate the void in today’s modern music.  KC&T was founded by Andrew Chrobak (guitarist and songwriter) who was on a quest to create songs that differentiate themselves from today’s music while still retaining the catchy appeal and vibe of the 60s and 70s blues rock sounds.  Along his journey, he joined forces with Bill “Fuzzy” Wiltsie (organ and vocals), Michael Mooney (bass), and Seamus Darrow (drums) to create a vibe out of Oswego, NY that hasn’t been seen in years.

Coming of their debut album release full of soulful vocals, and toe tapping madness, King Chro and the Talismen is a sure bet to keep you grooving all night and have you singing along to songs you’ve never heard before.  KC&T’s music is simple, energetic, and will be sure to turn a head along the way with their passionate performance and great personalities.

Location: The Labatt Blue Light Gazebo Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

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