Kay and Ray

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

“Kay and Ray” are a young pop/blues/hip-hop duo based in the Hudson Valley. The band consists of 17-year-old singer/songwriter and pianist Kayla Barone and 20-year-old singer/songwriter guitarist Ray Rubio. The duo plays shows at various restaurants, bars, clubs and festivals.

Kay and Ray decided to join forces 6 months ago when they discovered their combined unique sounds create something truly special. They have accomplished many things in the short time they’ve been together, such as playing at venues with impressive musical pasts, and advancing several rounds of NBC’s “The Voice.” They share the same deep passion for music and take every opportunity that comes their way. They love to perform at all kinds of events, sharing their music with all different types of crowds.

Website: http://hvmusic.com/listing/bands_detail.php?listing_id=2338
Location: The Agape Physical Therapy Stage at the Avery Mall
Time: –
Sunday, 10:45 am – 12:25 pm

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