Fiona Corinne

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Fiona Corinne is a 21 year old singer songwriter based out of upstate New York. Music has always been a passion of Fiona’s. Singing as long as she can remember, she began formal piano lessons in 2nd grade, and vocal lessons in 8th. In 3rd grade, Fiona took part in her first musical theatre show, and even now, she loves acting and being on stage. Her music writing career also began in 8th grade, and her style has changed a lot over the years. Fiona was raised on rock and roll. Her older brother listened to everything from Pantera to Bon Jovi, and these styles have influenced Fiona greatly. In the future, she wants her music to be styled after classic rock bands, such as Journey and Foreigner. Despite her love for rock and roll, she will always have a soft spot for Top 40 style pop music. Avril Lavigne’s first album, Let Go, is what inspired Fiona to start writing, and she will always thank Avril for her passion. One of her greatest guilty pleasures is jamming in the car to the local pop hits station.

Fiona was raised around all styles of music. Her brother made sure to immerse her in rock culture, but every style of music crept into her every day life. Her household almost always had music playing, whether it was the radio, someone singing or practicing, or her mom’s favorite “cleaning the house CD”, A Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles. Fiona was classically trained on voice, and her sister studied opera in college, so classical music was a very important genre in her family. Active involvement in musical theatre was common in the entire family, so all of her siblings have both sang Broadway style songs, and been in the audience for favorites such as Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, and even Cabaret. As Fiona got older, her interest in music broadened to include everything from acoustic indie music, dance and electronic, and even more vintage classics. Her musical roots include a little bit of every genre, from Mozart to Melanie, from Ke$ha to KC and the Sunshine Band.

Fiona Corinne’s one and only dream is to make it big, but despite her desire to tour the world, she will always value her home. Friends and family have always been the most important part of Fiona’s life. Not only has music introduced her to some amazing people, but if it were’t for her friends and family, she would have started out playing shows to empty rooms. Her mother, Laurie, has been the biggest support through everything. A music life is hard on everyone, but her family has shown nothing but love for Fiona and her dream. Not only do her friends and family go to every one of her shows, but they provide a much needed break from the hectic schedule, and never fail to make her laugh. Fiona has many interests other than music. They include crafts, reading, fashion, and event planning. She will proudly admit to being a cat lady, even if her boyfriend will never let her live it down. Fiona loves bright colors, junk food, her friends, family, and very loud music.

Location: The School of Rock Stage at 27 Atkinson Street
Time: Saturday, 10:45 am – 12:15 pm

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