Dick Solberg “The Sun Mountain Fiddler”

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Dick Solberg, aka the Sun Mountain Fiddler, has been playing music and entertaining audiences for almost 40 years. He has traveled the world and played every venue imaginable, from college fraternities to public radio and television concerts, from burials at sea to a birthday party for six ladies over 100 years old. For several years, he lived in the Rochester area, played all the bars, coffeehouses and colleges. He was the last to play the original Red Creek, and the first to play the new one. He played Muldoon’s, the Cottage Hotel in Mendon, Slattery’s Old Seneca Ale Haus in Geneva, and the Cheshire Dump Festival. He has been playing an annual private party for Kodak research chemists for 35 years. He sings and plays fiddle, guitar, piano, and bass, and as a bandleader has employed many musicians. As for recordings, he made four LPs in the 70’s and 80’s, more recently six CDs, and a couple DVDs.

For the concert at the Corn Hill Festival, at the Delta Airlines Food Court stage, from 1:45- 3:15 pm, he’ll be backed by three Sun Mt Band veterans: Kyle Love on rhythm acoustic guitar, Steve Minnich on electric bass and guitar, and Andy Gordon on banjo. The band will feature fiddle music in various styles such as bluegrass, Cajun, and Irish, and original songs from the Fiddler’s latest CD, entitled “Can’t Keep A Good Dick Down.”

Website: http://www.sunmountainfiddler.com/
Location: The Garber Automotive Group Main Stage
Time: Saturday, 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

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