David Miller unplugged

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

“This makes it two in a row for David Michael Miller. His Poisons Sipped was one of last year’s surprise albums, introducing us to a songwriter, guitarist, and singer who is the whole package. Same Soil builds on that with its clear understanding of the blues, soul, and everything in between. Throughout it all, Miller’s guitar play-ing is more than solid, supplying the mojo for most of the songs. His deep growl is fiercely soulful and he soars into upper registers, calling to mind the late Chris Whitley at his finest….He and his band’s willingness to let the song grow, along with the incredible use of dynamics, is one of many aspects that make his music some of the best out there today. Miller handles all the guitar parts perfectly. Whether swinging slide work or on-the-money rhythm, it all fits.”

The Corn Hill Arts Festival is honored to have David Miller and The Other Sinners as the festivals featured headliner entertainment act for 2017.   David Miller’s duo performance for this show will give everyone a opportunity to experience a more up close, intimate, and personable look into this rising musical star’s lyrical work and guitar styles.

Website: https://www.davemillermusic.com/
Location: The Agape Physical Therapy Stage at the Avery Mall
Time: Saturday, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

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