Big Eyed Phish

Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Big Eyed Phish is the only touring full 7-piece Dave Matthews tribute band in the country and is based out of Rochester, NY. In the 13 years they have been performing together, they have grown to become a highly sought-after headlining act for festivals, resorts, casinos, and live music venues. The band is lead by Ben Sheridan, who is backed up by a great band of truly professional musicians. This is the only DMB tribute that can claim to have a full time lead guitar and keyboard player. This allows them to be the only accurate DMB tribute band in the country, able to cover the full spectrum of the DMB catalog.

Each Big Eyed Phish show is unique, with a blend of mega-hits to dance to as well as some deep tracks for the more dedicated DMB fanbase. There are over 90 songs in their catalog, combining DMB’s original tunes as well as some songs that DMB is known to cover. The live show is a high-energy driven audio and visual experience, intending to immerse the audience in a feeling of seeing and hearing the real band, while enjoying the more intimate nature of tribute band performances. The band is often given top billing as a nationally touring act.
Dave Matthews Band’s music is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and musical tastes, crossing over into many different genres including rock, blues, country, soul, jazz, and more. This band gives much more than just a recreation of the songs from an album, and focuses their efforts to truly put on a show that mirrors the Dave Matthews Band live experience. From the incredible musicianship, the soulful lyrics, the rocking solos and jams, and even the witty stage banter Dave Matthews is known for – Big Eyed Phish delivers on all aspects.

When looking for the DMB Tribute that is able to offer the full catalog of the Dave Matthews Band sound throughout the years – Big Eyed Phish is the best there is. From private parties, to weddings, to festivals, concert series, casinos, resorts, and large live music venues – this band will leave people saying “I feel like I just left a live Dave Matthews show”.

Location: The Garber Automotive Group Main Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 3:20 pm – 5:00 pm

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