Corn Hill Arts Festival Entertainment

Bendix is a 5 piece indie/alternative band from Newark, New York, consisting of vocalist Michael Gonzalez-Kelly, guitarist and background vocalist Michael Fedczuk, bass player Matthew Fedczuk, keyboardist Jimmy Hartmann, and drummer Jeremy Kowaleski. The group formed in February 2012 once gathered by school choir instructor Jean Bendix in Newark High School’s Musical Production of “Kiss Me Kate”. After many attempts at the ‘perfect band name’, Bendix quickly agreed to name the band after the woman who made it possible to begin with.

Bendix has played many shows and gigs at a variety of different venues. Bendix’s first gig was at the Local Cabaret Night. Heading into summer, the group played at the Fairport Canal Days Battle of the Bands and many of their peers graduation parties. Bendix has recently placed first in a competition, playing at the Williams Center at SUNY Fredonia. The band plans to continue playing more shows, with a line of shows already planned out. We’d like to thank the Corn Hill Arts Festival for letting us be part of this amazing experience!

Location: The Garber Automotive Group Main Stage
Time: –
Sunday, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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